100+ uncommon Xhosa names for boys and girls with meaning 2021

When parents expect a newborn, they are usually faced with a mixed feeling of anxiety and confusion on the name to give their son or daughter. Regardless of what inspires you to come up with a good and unique name, it would be best to get a good name with a good meaning. Xhosa names have been adopted for decades as the Xhosa culture has some of the most meaningful and beautiful names. Read more to learn some of these names and their meanings.

Deciding what to call your daughter or son is one of the most exciting things, second after giving birth itself. Therefore, naming a child requires careful thinking as some personal options might have a different meaning in particular settings and cultures. For instance, some individuals depend on certain circumstances to determine how to call their newborns. Others are based on happiness, joy, gift, and gratitude. Therefore, you have to do a lot before settling on something that fits your little one. With that, you need the following list of Xhosa names for boys and girls with their meanings to help make an informed decision.

An overview of Xhosa clan names

Unlike in the Euro-western context, naming a child in South Africa, particularly among the Xhosa people, is a great occasion. You do not just label your child just for reference and identification, but you give him an identity based on specific cultural dictates. Usually, the first title in the Xhosa culture tends to have general semantic transparency with the lexicon of the language, inspiring the Xhosa clan name given. Therefore, it is essential to get the correct interpretations based on both the carrier’s language and the linguistic system. Let us look at some of the modern Xhosa baby names for boys and girls.

Xhosa boy names

The Xhosa society has a finite name stock; hence not every entry you come across can be appropriate for your baby’s name. This explains the variations in the popularity and the use of particular titles– some are common while others are few. Traditionally, boys are considered heirs to their fathers, and nothing beats the joy of a parent to get a baby boy.

With the arrival of the baby being considered a blessing, it takes many considerations for the parents to align the child’s identity with their aspirations, expectations, as well as feelings. Here are some of the uncommon Xhosa names and meanings for boys.

  • Melisizwe: nation’s leader
  • Sifso: wish
  • Rolihlahla: pulling a tree branch (the colloquial of a troublemaker)
  • Nkosi: ruler, king, god, or lord
  • Mpilo: life
  • Silumko: Wise
  • Sibabalwe: the blessed one
  • Qaqambile: brightness
  • Nyaniso: truthfulness
  • Ntando: one with a strong will
  • Mahlubandile: the clan has increased
  • Uuka: someone ready to rise up
  • Nomlanga: sun
  • Daluxolo: believer in peace
  • Fezile: accomplished
  • Gcobani: joyful
  • Aviwe: one who has been heard
  • Ayabonga: grateful
  • Bhutana: little brother
  • Bonginkosi: thanking God
  • Bulelani: thankful
  • Dumisa: praise
  • Fezekile: complemented
  • Fezile: accomplished
  • Fundani: to learn
  • Jongikhaya: one who will watch over the home
  • Khwezi: a star
  • Silindokuhle: we expect great things
  • Phumza: relief
  • Mxolisi: peacemaker
  • Lephelo: the end
  • Lubanzi: upper flat and clear surface (directly associated with the parents’ love for a child)
  • Luphumlo: rest
  • Khanyiso: light
  • Themba: hope, trust
  • Abongile: thankfulness

What are the cutest girl names?

Most parents who get baby girls tend to be more excited. Nothing can stop them from giving the new member the sweetest identity they can find. It has to be a name that has a form of attachment, just as pointed above –something that shows affection, love, joy, or gratitude. As such, it is natural that we concentrate so much in such naming approach that we fail to notice other yet great options.

Here are some Xhosa names for girls and their meanings that you can consider the next time you are blessed with a baby girl.

  • Fundiswa: smart, sensible, educated
  • Noxolo: peace
  • Funeka: needed
  • Khanyiswa: lights up
  • Nobomi: life
  • Gugu: our pride
  • Sindiswa: we have it
  • Nonhle: beautiful
  • Nocawe: born on Sunday
  • Sisipho: gift
  • Nkosazana: princess
  • Nontle: beautiful (variation of Nonhle)
  • Zintle: beautiful one
  • Zimkhitha: one who has dignity
  • Vuyokazi: happiness
  • Thozoma: calmness
  • Thembeka: trustworthy
  • Qaqamba: one who shines bright
  • Olwethu: your own
  • graced with beauty
  • Notumato: beautiful at birth
  • Nontasasa: born early morning
  • Nomuula: rain
  • Ndiliswa: respected one
  • Mthobeli: obedient one
  • Mncedisi: a helper
  • Mafungwashe: first girl
  • Lulama: soft-spoken
  • Lindelwa: awaited
  • Kuhle: wellness
  • Khethiwe: the chosen one
  • Gcobisa: exciting
  • Fezeka: fulfilled
  • Bongani: thankful
  • Sivuyile: we are happy
  • Thandiwe: loving one
  • Sansile: we increased
  • Thimna: belongs to me
  • Sibahle: we are beautiful
  • Simile: we are standing
  • Owam: my own
  • Nkosiyethu: our King
  • Simpho: gift
  • Liyema : stability in the family
  • Liyabona: it sees
  • Andisiwe: extension
  • Aphiwe: they are given
  • Babalwa: graced
  • Bathandwa: beloved
  • Buhle: beauty
  • Hlengiwe: redeemed, rescued, helped
  • Gugulethu: pride, treasure
  • Lindiwe: awaited, waited for
  • Nosipho: gift
  • Nosizwe: nation

Unisex Xhosa names

If you are looking for a name but yet not aware of the baby’s gender, you may consider a unisex name. Here are some ideas to try.

  • Luthando: it is love
  • Unathi: she or he is with us
  • Thando: to love
  • Esihle: good, beautiful
  • Yonela: be content
  • Xabiso: value
  • Wandisiwe: home has been increased
  • Wonga: status
  • Vusumzi: rebuild the home
  • Vuyiseka: made to be happy
  • Thembalethu: our hope
  • Akhona: present
  • Ayanda: they are increasing
  • Bandile: they have increased
  • Anathi: with us
  • Zola: calm
  • Buhle: handsome, beautiful

If you did not know that the majority of the names you have come across have meaning, now you do. The shift to the western culture has washed away the majority of the cultural practices in Africa such as naming newborns with a purpose. Perhaps, this explains why some Xhosa names are not so common. Even though the naming process is a personal aspect, the Xhosa culture has held to the belief that whatever you call your child can have a significant impact on the individual that the baby becomes when he grows up. While we can only suggest the options appropriate for girls and boys, or even unisex, the last decision on what name to give to your baby is ultimately yours.

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Why are names important? Indeed, names remind us of where we are from. To get more of these beautiful names for your kids, read more!


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