Ahikar Azcona

Ahikar Azcona is an actor from Spain who is also a radio presenter. He was seen on one of the very famous series called Money Heist. His way of acting is very good and realistic which directly connects with his audience.

Quick Facts: Ahikar Azcona

Name Ahikar Azcona
Gender Male
Nationality Spanish
Profession Actor
Instagram @ahikarnet

People are in love with him as his acting skills are very unique.  Apart from being an actor, he is also a radio presenter and is also a very good influencer who influences people. Many people want to do the same thing as he does as they think of him as their inspiration.

10 Facts about Ahikar Azcona

  1. Ahikar Azcona is an actor from Spain who is also a radio presenter.
  2. Ahikar’s exact date of birth is not known yet as no information about his date of birth is found on the web. Though he seems to be in his early 30s.
  3. His age, height, weight, and body measurements are also still a mystery to his fans.
  4. Details about his parents, families and friends are also still a fact that still needs to be unfolded.
  5. His fans and well-wisher are also eagerly waiting for him to disclose his relationship status. He will surely disclose his relationship status soon to his fans.
  6. He recently came to the hype as he was also one of the casts of the very famous series Money Heist which is trending nowadays.
  7. Along with being an actor he is also a radio presenter and he has his own online radio show called Ahikarnet Radio which is very famous.
  8. He is also an influencer who influences people and make positive changes in their life. And he is also a Vehicle Mechatronics Engineer.
  9. He was recently seen on Netflix’s original House of Money in 2019 where he played the role of Matias Cano.
  10. His exact yearly earning is not known yet.


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