Aipha Twitch Age, Height, Real Name and Instagram

Aipha is a 19-year-old American Twitch streamer who streams games like Among us and Fortnite. He has been streaming for over two years and made a name for himself as he was pretty good on Fortnite.

He streams 4 days a week and takes the weekend and Sundays off. He currently streams Among us from Monday to Thursday.

Quick Facts: Aipha Twitch Age, Height, Real Name and Instagram

Name Aipha
Age 19
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Twitch Streamer
Married/Single Single
Twitter DaRealAipha
Youtube Aipha

10 Facts about Aipha

  1. Aipha is a twitch streamer and a former professional Fortnite player who took part in many of the game’s tournaments and got recognized for his talents by many viewers at the young age of 17.
  2.  He has been streaming for over two years but there is no information about Aipha’s current height and weight measurements.
  3. Aipha is a very private guy and has kept his real name to himself and hasn’t revealed it to his fans and the public yet. He is of White ethnicity.
  4. Even though he is only 19 Aipha isn’t interested to use social media, unlike other teenagers. He doesn’t have and Instagram or Facebook.
  5. He is available on Twitter. His account, @DaRealAipha has 10.3k followers, 521 followings with 4,149 tweets. He is very active on Twitter where he promotes his streams.
  6. There is currently no information made public by Aipha about his parents or siblings. He has however mentioned he has a brother but hasn’t mentioned his name yet.
  7. Aipha is a very private guy, he rarely mentions his private life on his streams or Twitter. Therefore there is no information about his current relationship status.
  8. He has a YouTube channel. His channel Aipha has 7.55k subscribers and over 76k views total. He started his channel on August 30, 2017.
  9. Aipha is a twitch partner and has over 63k followers on the platform. He amasses over 900 viewers on his stream.
  10. When he played competitive Fortnite he played with other big streamers like Nick Eh 30 and TSM Myth.


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