Alex Macheras Net Worth And Age: 10 Facts You Need To Know

Alex Macheras is a British aviation analyst and correspondent. His main job includes reviewing airplane services before other passengers. Likewise, he also discusses aviation news with BBC, Sky News, and CNN. 

Alex Macheras was only 14 years old when he started his job. Similarly, he is linked with many flying crews and staff. Now, everybody is envious of his unusual and fun job!

Quick Facts: Alex Macheras Net Worth And Age: 10 Facts You Need To Know

Name Alex Macheras
Birthday March 2, 1997
Age 23 years old
Gender Male
Profession Aviation analyst
Instagram alexlhr
Twitter AlexInAir

10 Facts On Alex Macheras

  1. Alex Macheras is an aviation analyst and correspondent. He travels around the world reviewing planes for his client. 
  2. Alex Macheras is the young age of 23 years old. He celebrates his birthday on March 2 each year. In addition, his horoscope sign is Pisces. 
  3. The Net Worth for Alex Macheras is being calculated by our sources right now. But, it is no doubt that Alex Macheras earns a decent salary. Furthermore, he gets to travel for free!
  4. Alex Macheras doesn’t own a Wikipedia bio. On the other hand, he frequently makes news headlines for his unique job. 
  5. As for now, Alex Macheras is not married yet. As a fact, Alex Macheras has never disclosed his partner or his future wife. 
  6. You can discover Macheras’s envious life on his Instagram as @alexlhr. Likewise, his Twitter handle is @AlexInAir. Moreover, he is verified by both platforms.
  7. Speaking about his facial features, Alex is a handsome man. He stands at a good height with a lean body. In the same way, he has brown eyes and brown hair.
  8. Macheras was an avid aviation enthusiast from an early age. In fact, he was only 14 years old when he was invited to the UK radio station for his aviation analysis.
  9. When Alex was 16 years old, he was invited to Sky News. After his show, he was signed by various other companies and TV channels.
  10. The Macheras family is very proud of Alex’s career. Likewise, Alex even takes his parents out for a fly whenever he gets a chance. 


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