Alexa de Landa

Alexa de Landa is an actress. People are in love with her as her acting skills are very unique. Her way of acting is very good and realistic which directly connects with her audience. Many people want to do the same thing as she does as they think of her as their inspiration.

Quick Facts: Alexa de Landa

Name Alexa de Landa
Birthday N/A
Age 12
Gender Female
Profession Actor

She is a very young actress who is very determined to make her career in acting. She is a very young actress with a lot of passion and hard work for her work. Some of the officials say that she can become very successful in the future with her hard work and passion. 

10 Facts about Alexa de Landa

  1. Alexa is an actress. Her exact date of birth is not known yet. She is from Spain and her age is 12 years old as of 2020.
  2. She is a very young actress and is very beautiful.
  3. Her height weight and birth sign are not known yet.
  4. Details about her parents, families and friends are also still a fact that still needs to be unfolded. As she is still young she wants her personal life to be a secret.
  5. Her fans and well-wisher are also eagerly waiting for her to disclose his relationship status. She will surely disclose her relationship status soon to her fans.
  6. It is not sure that if she will continue her acting careers as per her mother said in an interview.
  7. She is well known as Micaela Sanchez from  The House of Flowers (2018) where she had given her best and people are recognizing her for her role as Micaela.
  8. She seems to be quite inactive on social sites as no social sites under her name were found. 
  9. Information about her is not on Wikipedia but she has her name on IMDb.
  10. Her net worth is still not discovered.


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