Aliyah Conley

Aliyah Conley is an actress who is popular for her acting skills as well as she is famous for the works she has done to date. She is one of those actresses who has won awards as an appreciation for the works they have done. She is from Los Angeles CA, United States.

Quick Facts: Aliyah Conley

Name Aliyah Conley
Gender Female
Height 5 feet
Weight 43 kgs
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Instagram @aliyahbconley
Facebook @aliyah.conley.5 (private)

After she started to appear in the industry sh has been working in television, commercials, theaters, and movies. By working all the platforms available she has gained a lot of knowledge and experience which will help her a lot in her future. With her working experience, she will do a lot in the future.

Her works loved by people are Wall of Flesh: A Vintage Comedy, The Man from Outer Space, I Am Still Here, Thought in the Shape of…, That Awkward Moment When, etc. She is an aspiring actress who is growing as every day passes by.

10 Facts on Aliyah Conley:

  1. Aliyah Conley’s presence in Wikipedia is still not there. So, we request everyone to visit her Fandom Wiki which gives few details about her.
  2. She has been acting since a very small age and we are pretty sure that she is currently in her late teens. 
  3. Backstage says that her height is currently 5 feet only and her weight has been measured to be near about 43 kilograms.
  4. We have not been able to mention her boyfriend here as there are no official details about her relationship.
  5. If you have been searching for her Instagram, her username in that particular social media is @aliyahbconley where she has already earned around 1.8 thousand followers. 
  6. Aliyah is a popular actress who has appeared in almost 16 different shows which include movies, television series, documentaries, and short movies too.
  7. Also, she remains online on Facebook where she has kept her account private.
  8. From Facebook, we have figured out that apart from just being an actress, she is also a singer. 
  9. The award-winning actress is actually from Los Angeles, California, USA, and her ethnicity is Afro-American.
  10. Not much information can be found relating to her parents as well as siblings. 


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