Aloha Taylor Age: 10 Facts on American Journalist

Aloha Taylor is a familiar name for audiences who get their daily fix of news from Fox 5 San Diego. She is a multitalented reporter who is also a celebrity. 

The TV personality/journalist has a lot of accolades to her name. The veteran news reporter has also worked as an actress and is a former beauty pageant winner, however, there is a lot to know about the celeb. 

How Old Aloha Taylor In 2020? When Is Her Birthday? 

Although she looks incredibly young, Aloha Taylor is aged 49 in 2020, she was born on January 4, 1971.  

Her birth name is Ku’ualoha Taylor, her first name in Hawaiian means “my darling”. 

Taylor Was Married To A Surgeon

The news reporter’s husband is a man by the name of Gregory Campbell. He is a former trauma surgeon for the US Navy. She also has a child with him named Taylor Alohalani Campbell. 

Their daughter was born on 4 February 2006 as per her IMDb page. According to some reports, Aloha and her husband got married in 2005. 

Some reports suggest that the meteorologist got divorced from her husband in September 2006, however, the news is yet to be confirmed from official sources. 

She Was Prom Queen And Even Won In A Beauty Pageant

Aloha graduated from Waiakea High School in the year 1989 and was prom queen from her batch. 

Later on, she won the Miss Hawaii USA title in 1996 as well as the Miss Congeniality award in the Miss USA pageant. 

Taylor Is A Communications Graduate

The journalist joined Hawaii Pacific University around 3 years after graduating from high school in 1989. 

She got a B.A. in Communications from the prestigious uni and graduated in 1997. 

The star began her career soon after by joining the KGMB in 2001 as the weather reporter in their Honolulu branch before moving to San Diego for another job as a weather reporter. 

She Is A Certified Meteorologist

The reporter won the American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval in 2002. In addition to this, he is also a member of the National Weather Association. Taylor then worked in various stations as a weather reporter. 

In fact, she first moved to the mainland to pursue a job with the San Diego based KFMB. 

Aloha then went to WCCO in November 2005 to report the weekend weather in Minneapolis before returning to Florida and working for XETV. 

Aloha Is Working For Fox 5 In San Diego

The reporter joined Fox 5 in 2010 after leaving her job as the weather anchor in July 2006.

She works in their San Diego, California office. She also raised her daughter in San Diego.

Taylor Is Just Shorter Than The Average American Woman

Aloha has a height of 5 feet 3 inches (160.02 cm or 63 inches) which is half an inch shorter than the statistical average height of women in the USA which is 63.5 inches (161.5 cm), or 5′ 3.5″.

What Is Aloha Taylor’s Net Worth?

As per multiple sources, the reporter has an estimated net worth ranging from $800,000 – $2 Million.

She made this net worth primarily from a career in journalism and weather reporting. 

Aloha Adores Her Daughter 

She has publicly said that her daughter is the biggest blessing in her life. The TV personality also said that her daughter puts perspective in her life. 

Her Instagram Has More Than 400 Posts

The journalist has over 9,000 followers on Instagram and she has posted over 400 times and regularly posts pictures from her house. 

She also posted a picture with her daughter when they went go-karting. 



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