Fans of the National Football League (NFL) would know Bruce Irvin – professional footballer with the Seahawks who was picked during the 2012 NFL Draft as the 15th overall in the first round. The football star’s nuptials with his long-time girlfriend Alyssa Hackworth-Irvin suddenly placed the spotlight on Alyssa who played active tennis during her days at the University of Charleston. Bruce Irvin’s spouse is still active in the tennis court, though she has only been able to play some local tournaments.

This writeup will focus on the wife of the NFL star and all about her family.

Who is Alyssa Hackworth-Irvin?

Nothing is on the records about Alyssa Hackworth-Irvin’s background and the identity of her parents. However, we were able to find enough details from her university days until the present time. Alyssa Hackworth-Irvin was an ex-University of Charleston tennis standout. Her freshman year at UC saw the wife of Bruce Irvin as an all-conference player become a member of a Golden Eagle team that bagged the Intercollegiate Athletic Conference in West Virginia for both the regular season and the tournament title.

Since her graduation from the University, Alyssa Hackworth-Irvin has continued with the game of tennis, albeit unprofessionally. She has actively competed in several local contests, partnering with her longtime friend Erica White. The tennis-playing duo have a special relationship. According to Alyssa, White was by her side when she gave birth to her son and stood beside her on her wedding day as her maid of honor.

All About Her Family

Alyssa Hackworth-Irvin became the wife of professional NFL player Bruce Irvin in May 2014 following their nuptials. However, the records are not updated with details on how and when the duo met, but the spotlight appears to indicate that the couple was already an item as far back as April 2012 when Bruce brought Alyssa to his debut press conference as a member of his club the Seahawks. This led many people to believe that whatever was between the two was really serious.

Alyssa Hackworth-Irvin’s husband Bruce is a WVU alum who graduated from the institution after the 2011 season. His NBA draft followed the next year when he was picked by the Seahawks as the 15th overall in the 1st round. The couple’s love was cemented by the birth of their adorable son Brayden Irvin who came to complete the family before the end of 2014. The Irvins are current residents of Renton Washington.

Bruce who had never seen his wife play was on hand to witness Alyssa in action with Erica White – her longtime tennis partner when they won their semifinals game in the women’s open doubles division which will, in turn, advance the duo to the championship. Alyssa Hackworth-Irvin expressed joy at having her husband and son watch her in action for the first time. According to the wife of the NFL star, her husband had never seen her play; she described the experience as quite good and very different. She also said that it may not be up to Bruce’s caliber, but having his support was just as nice.

Meanwhile, Bruce was quite happy to switch roles for the first time and support his spouse in her athletic endeavors rather than having it the other way round when Alyssa would normally root for her football star husband. According to the professional NFL player, he has always heard that his wife was good but never had the chance to personally watch. He went on to say that seeing Alyssa on the court and witnessing what she is capable of comes as a welcoming experience. Bruce also stated that he was happy to take it all in, and in the process, see if his spouse fits the Irvin last name. The Irvins are an athletic family, the same way that their son Brayden would likely turn out to be.

Alyssa hopes to drag her husband into the court sometime so the duo can play a husband-wife game, though she said she could not just do that because he was still sore from surgery. From what is obvious, the Alyssa-Bruce context is still in the offing, let’s hope it happens soon.

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