Amanda Middleditch

Amanda Middleditch is a popular reality TV star. She is one of the most loved reality TV stars who gained a lot of love and recognition after she appeared on the reality show named The Repair Shop 2020. She is a professional toy repair person. She mentioned that she and Julie were approached by Ricochet fro the new tv show and both of them loved the format of the show.

Quick Facts: Amanda Middleditch

Name Amanda Middleditch
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession Reality Television Star, Toy Reapiring Preson
Married/Single Married

She also mentioned that she along with Julie started working at their teddy bear shop in 2006. She also mentioned that she is delighted to share her skills with people via the show and is hoping to get a lot of love and support from people. Their soft toys and dolls are loved by all of their clients.

So, Where is Amanda Middleditch in 2020? Amanda Middleditch is going to be seen on the reality show in 2020. Here are some facts about her.

10 Facts on Amanda Middleditch:

  1. Amanda Middleditch is considered to be a reality television personality who has been currently involved in BBC‘s The Repair Shop 2020
  2. In 2020, she seems to be in her repair shop to repair various types of toys.
  3. The estimated net worth of Amanda is currently unknown but we will find it out very soon.
  4. It seems that she is not present on Wikipedia but we can surely fetch her information on IMDb.
  5. Currently, we have not even a single piece of information about her husband and other things related to her personal life.
  6. If we look closely, we can easily guess that she is currently in her fifties but we are not actually sure about her correct age.
  7. Amanda from The Repair Shop has been currently being featured in The Repair Shop: Fixing Britain
  8. We have not found anything about her parents and siblings as well.
  9. Also, it seems that Amanda has bene currently featuring in The One Show too. 
  10. There is nothing really to know about her education at this time. 


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