Amelia Fatsi MAFS: Where is She From?

Dr. Amelia Fatsi is a doctor and an anthropologist who has been made famous by her appearance on the American TV series ‘Married at First Sight’. 

She is a bride on the show and has already become a fan favorite. She is married to Bennett and they were matched together by a panel of experts. The star is a doctor and is currently a resident at a hospital in Midlothian.

Quick Facts: Amelia Fatsi MAFS: Where is She From?

Name Amelia Fatsi
Age 27
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Doctor; Volunteer
Married/Single Married
Husband Bennett
Instagram ameliafatsi

10 Facts About Amelia Fatsi

  1. Amelia Fatsi’s age is 27 years old as of October 2020 as per many online sources but has not revealed her exact birthday. 
  2. Her Instagram account is private and she may have kept it that way as one of the requirements of the show. 
  3. As for her job, she has had an expansive resume with diverse jobs. She is currently a doctor in 2020, she is also a resident at a hospital in Midlothian.
  4. Prior to this, she has also worked as a divemaster and a volunteer. She traveled to Israel in 2012 to do her volunteer work. 
  5. Amelia belongs to Mixed ethnicity and she is an American as per her nationality. She is from Virginia. There is no information about her parents in the media. 
  6. After graduating from her local schools and high schools, she went to Wake Forest University where she studied a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology. She graduated from university in 2014. 
  7. The star also has experience as a teacher and educator who has educated children in Israel and has also taught them about horticulture. 
  8. She became a national star with her appearances on Married on First Sight
  9. The star is married to Bennett and she was matched by the experts on the show. 
  10. They do not have any children and have not shared any plans to give birth anytime soon. 


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