Aoife Martin: 10 Facts on Sophie Okonedo’s daughter

Aoife Martin is a famous Irish, British celebrity kid. She is the daughter of a famous English actress, narrator, singer, and television actress Sophis Okonedo and Irish film director Eoin Martin. She is among those star kid who was privileged of everything because of her celebrity family background. Aoife is a very talented and hard-working girl. Despite possessing a name and fame from her parents, she has worked hard to establish herself.

Aoife Martin is very much into the fitness industry and is a fitness freak. She has been rocking the social media platform with her outmost physical appearance and her dedication to it. She is just in her 20’s but is working very hard to earn a name for herself rather than relying on her parent’s fame.

Quick Facts: Aoife Martin: 10 Facts on Sophie Okonedo”s daughter

Name Aoife Martin
Birthday 1997
Age 23
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession Personal Trainer
Parents Sophie Okonedo(Mother) Eoin Martin (Father)
Married/Single single
Instagram @effythealien

10 facts on Aoife Martin:

  1. Aoife Martin was born in 1997 in England, United Kingdom.
  2. Aoife’s age as of 2020 is just 23 years old however she hasn’t revealed her exact date of birth.
  3. Aoife Martin isn’t yet available in Wikipedia unlike her mother Sophie is featured in it.
  4. Aoife is available on her Instagram account @effythealien where she has more than 5.4k followers with more than 359 posts.
  5. Talking about her profession, Aoife is a personal trainer at a fitness Live London and has trained many people and helped in their physical transformation.
  6. Aoife Martin is the daughter of Ratched star Sophie Okonedo and her father Eoin Martin is a famous Irish film director and editor.
  7. Aoife’s father Eoin and mother Sophie ended their relationship as soon as their daughter was born and Aoife was raised by her single mother.
  8. Aoife’s net worth as of 2020 is nearly about $100 thousand which she has earned from brand deals and her personal training program.
  9. Aoife has even appeared in the physical shows stage program and has gained some experience from it.
  10. She is currently single and just focused on her career as of now.


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