If you have Hulu’s 2020 comedy-drama The Great on your watch list, you might be wondering if Grigor Dymov and Georgina Dymov Rea from The Great are real people. Are you? The Tony McNamara’s The Great premiered on streaming site Hulu on May 15. The web series has found a great number of audience in just its first season. 

The leads of the show like Elle Fanning (Catherine the Great) and Nicholas Hoult (Peter III of Russia) have done a great job. The story revolves around the political errs that follows Peter and his wife Catherine. The married couple, Peter and Catherine are in a complicated marriage and trust their lovers more than each other.

Peter is in love with his best friend Grigor Dymov’s wife Georgina Dymova (played by Charity Wakefield). Grigor Dymov is played by Gwilym Lee. Grigor and his wife Georgina deeply depend on Peter and Catherine because of their social status. The amazing chemistry between these four characters makes the show event interesting. But, does Grigor Dymov and Georgina Dymov exist in real?

Are Grigor Dymov and Georgina Dymov Real People?

The character played by actor Nicholas Hoult, Peter III Russia is a real-life character. And his wife Catherine the Great is also a real-life person. The story of The Great is based on the political life of Peter and his Catherine who were real persons. This has to lead many to wonder if their love interests Grigor and his wife Georgina are also real people.

Well, Grigor Dymov and his wife Georgina Dymov are not real people. They are fictional characters created by The Great creator Tony McNamara. They were created to give more The Great’s story more interesting. If you turn the pages of history, there was no such lady by the name Georgina that Peter III of Rusia was in love with. 

With this, we don’t mean Peter didn’t have any love interest besides his wife Catherine. Peter and Catherine were never on the same page. Neither their marriage was a happy one. They could never see each other as equals. As per Catherine’s memoir, she only talked to Peter in a demeaning manner.

Some claim Peter III never fathered Catherine’s children.  As the couple didn’t find comfort among one another, they look for affection in others. Catherine had a long list of boyfriends with whom she enjoyed her lavish life. Meanwhile, Peter’s love life has not entertained history. Possibly, to fill the void creator Tony created Georgina’s character.

Who is Peter III’s Lover?

In The Great, Georgina is shown as Peter III’s love interest. The character is played by actress Charity Wakefield who is famous for her movies like The Player (2015) and Mocking Lane (2012).

Contrary to who Peter III’s lover in The Great series, Peter had a lady love by the name Elizaveta Vorontsova in real life. Catherine reportedly has mentioned the name Elizaveta Vorontsova on her memoirs, as well.

Elizabeth came from a powerful family with her relatives stationed as important people. As a member of a highly influential family, it is normal for Elizaveta to get in touch with Peter III.

The Great Cast Members

Premier on May 15, 2020, The Great had a list of great performers in its cast list. We have Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult playing Catherine the Great and Peter III of Russia respectively. The other cast members of The Great are,

  • Phoebe Fox (Marial)
  • Sacha Dhawan (Orlo)
  • Charity Wakefield (Georgina Dymova)
  • Gwilym Lee (Grigor Dymov)
  • Adam Godley (Archbishop)
  • Douglas Hodge ( General Velementov)
  • Belinda Bromilwo (Aunt Elizabeth)
  • Richard Pyros (Count Raskolnikov)
  • Bayo Gbadamosi (Arkady)
  • Sebastian de Souza (Leo Voronsky)

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