Asher Roth is an American rapper who has delivered the independent studio collections Asleep in the Bread Aisle (April 2009), RetroHash (April 2014), and Flowers on the Weekend (April 2020).

The first of those collections had crested inside the ‘Best 5’ of the US, US R&B, and US Rap outlines and had been confirmed ‘Gold’ by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Height 5 ft 10 in
Weight 68 kg
Date of Birth August 11, 1985
Zodiac Sign Leo
Eye Color Blue

He has delivered the mixtapes Believe the Hype (August 2006), The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 1 (June 2008), Seared Foie Gras with Quince and Cranberry (March 2010), Pabst and Jazz (December 2011), The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2 (June 2013), and The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 3 (September 2021). He has likewise distributed the EPs Just Listen (April 2005), The Rawth EP (December 2010), Rawther (February 2016), and GEV3-Piece (August 2021). He had initial come into the spotlight in 2009 after the arrival of his introduction single named I Love College which had been guaranteed ‘Twofold Platinum’ by the RIAA.

While he was learning at West Chester University, Asher used to record sections over the well known creation of different rappers.

In his sophomore year, he had posted a portion of his sections on the informal communication administration MySpace and had sent a companion solicitation to Scott Samuel ‘Bike’ Braun, an Atlanta-based music advertiser.

Bike had reacted and subsequent to conversing with him, Asher had ventured out to Atlanta where he had been promptly endorsed by Scooter who might likewise turn into his administrator.

In late 2008, he had been remembered for American hip jump magazine XXL’s 2009 ‘First year recruit Class’, a yearly assemblage of 10 specialists to-watch who are completely included on the front of the magazine.

His introduction solo studio collection, named Asleep in the Bread Aisle, had been delivered on April 20, 2009, to pay tribute to the pot subculture’s ‘420 occasion’ (pot culture shoptalk for cannabis and maryjane utilization, particularly smoking around the time 4:20 p.m.). He is open with regards to his utilization of pot and has frequently stood up for the sanctioning of pot.

In 2016, he had gotten back to his home province of Pennsylvania subsequent to going through years in Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles.

Instagram account.

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