Avocados are considered to be one of the healthiest fruits and just like that there is ‘Avocados From Mexico’ TikTok Trend.

They are a hot topic to talk about on TikTok too. You are probably here to find out what the ‘Avocados From Mexico’ meme is all about. Yes, it is a meme as you know, TikTok users make content related to anything and now, they have found Avocados From Mexico to be the new trend. 

Avocados From Mexico: Viral Memes

First of all, it is necessary to know about Avocados From Mexico. Let us tell you that Avocados From Mexico is actually a popular company that supplies healthy and delicious avocados that are grown in Mexico. 

Their commercial song has been so popular that TikTok users have found an interesting way to make it a prank. Well, the prank went viral and now, each and everyone tries to prank their family and friends, in case they do not know about it. 

Avocados From Mexico: TikTok Trend origin:

Well, we do not really know who started this TikTok trend but we do can say that one of the TikTok users really passed his time after pranking his/her friend. If you are willing to try it, follow these simple procedures.

All you need to do is keep on sending a text that says ‘Avocados From Mexico’ until your friend finds it annoying. Don’t bother what he/she says and keep on recording his/her reaction. Also, don’t forget to play the commercial song by Avocados From Mexico

TikTok Trend Explained: What Is Avocado Hack?

Keeping aside the meme, there is another trend on TikTok that will actually help you keep your avocados fresh. In a video shared by a TikTok user @kmag1, you simply need half of an avocado and a bowl filled with enough water such that the fruit gets submerged. 


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♬ original sound – user9509884913328

Now, turn the fruit upside down and place it in the bowl. Keep it somewhere safe and whenever you wish to eat the remaining half, you will notice that your avocado is fresh – it feels like you had just cut it!

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