BarbarousKing Wife: Is The Streamer Married?

BarbarousKing wife and married status are not disclosed to date. In fact, he rarely talks about his love life.

BarbarousKing is a Twitch Star and YouTuber. He is popular for streaming games like Maro Kart, Streets of Rage 4, and The Legend of Zelda.

BarbarousKing’s Twitch has amassed over 171k followers. BarbarousKing is a verified Twitch streamer. He describes himself as “Play hard games.

Furthermore, his streams are viewed by over 40k people.

BarbarousKing Wife: Is Twitch Star Married?

BarbarousKing barely brings his wife and marital status to followers. For that matter, we are unsure if he is married.

If not married, he must be enjoying a blissful dating life.

BarbarousKing: Age and Real Name Explored

BarbarousKing’s age seems around 40’s.

Unlike young online celebrities, Barbarous started his career pretty late. But, he has not revealed his exact birth date and zodiac sign.

The real name for BarbarousKing is still a mystery.

There are many streamers who prefer to be known by their online name. BarbarousKing is one of them. On the other hand, his Twitter name is @DKBarbarian.

Quick Facts: BarbarousKing Wife: Is The Streamer Married?

Name BarbarousKing
Age 40’s
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Twitch Star and YouTuber
Twitter DKBarbarian
Youtube BarbarousKing

Some Interesting Facts on BarbarousKing

  1. BarbarousKing doesn’t seem active on Instagram. However, he has attracted over 17.5k followers on his Twitter.
  2. In 2012, BarbarousKing started his Youtube journey. His contents are mainly related to the gaming category. In the same way, he has over 59.7K subscribers on his channel.
  3. BarbarousKing was almost banned by Twitch in 2020. In fact, he created a very graphic image during one of the Mario Maker levels.
  4. Online streamers and YouTubers are awarded both fame and fortune. Therefore, we are not doubtful of BarbarousKing’s lifestyle. Nevertheless, his total Net Worth is under review.
  5. BarbarousKing frequently collaborates with other popular streamers. Besides, he is a good friend of David Hunt aka GrandPooBear.
  6. Apart from playing games, the streamer can also make game levels. Furthermore, he is known for constructing game hacks.
  7. If you want to watch his streams, you can find BarbarousKing 7 days a week. Additionally, he is available from 11 am to 4 pm EST during weekends.


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