Bashirah Tripp Update: 10 Facts On Woman Who Ran Over Husband

Bashirah Tripp has been in the headlines after running over her own husband in a parking lot after he left her. She was caught in a video where she was seen driving a car over a mand who identifies as her husband.

Quick Facts: Bashirah Tripp Update: 10 Facts On Woman Who Ran Over Husband

Name Bashirah Tripp
Age 34 years
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Married/Single Unmarried
Divorce Duke Johnson

As she ran over the car over her husband and she was seen mentioning he got that because he left Tripp. It is known that she is already arrested and is also chared for her deeds. It is known that the victim is in a critical accident and was immediately taken to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.

Not much about her is found on the web but it is known that she and her husband were married for 18 years and was not in good terms from the video. The incident was witnessed by a woman who is unidentified. But the witness is seen saying that it was horrifying to see such an incident.

10 Facts About Bashirah Tripp:

  1. Bashirah Tripp’s recent news update will blow your mind as she has been accused of running over her husband
  2. She ran over her husband on a parking lot and when asked why she did so she replied that her husband had left her and she wanted to show it what it means to leave your wife. 
  3. As per police reports, her age has been cleared to be 34 years as of 2020.
  4. There is not even a single wiki page assigned to her yet but the act she has done will definitely be written in many wiki sites soon.
  5. Her bio cannot be read at the moment as she has not gained so much fame yet. 
  6. According to her, the couple was married for nearly 18 years. 
  7. Does she have a new boyfriend? It doesn’t seem so and her rage towards her husband also doesn’t say that she has another boyfriend. 
  8. The name of her ex-husband or sometimes referred to as an ex-boyfriend is Duke Johnson
  9. Now, Bashirah has been kept in custody after the police came to know that the crime was intentional, not accidental
  10. We are unable to fetch the social media accounts of this woman right now. 


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