Helena Merriman has opened up about her diagnosis with otosclerosis disease. How is she doing in the recent days?

BBC Broadcaster Helena Merriman is known for her famous podcast, Tunnel 29. She has also been working as the senior journalist for BBC since 2005.

Merriman had launched Tunnel 29 in October 2019, the show talks about the story of a group of men who smuggled in the early 1960s.

BBC Helena Merriman Has Open Up About Otosclerosis

Helena Merriman suffers from Otosclerosis. It is a rare degenerative hearing condition, which the journalist labels as very “terrifying”.

The condition promotes abnormal bone growth inside the ear. It could gradually get worst over time, ultimately leading to hearing loss.

Merriman, 40, has opened up about her diagnosis of the condition. She began noticing some problems in her hearing after the birth of her son Sam.

Helena was unable to hear the sound of her baby crying at night. Then, the BBC journalist had sought medical help.

After getting several hearing tests, her medical mystery was solved but it wasn’t the news she had been hoping for.

Merriman says: “The consultant in front of me looked at my notes, then told me he knew what had caused my hearing loss: otosclerosis,”

Helena Merriman Is Recovering: Her Illness Diagnosis Update

Helena Merriman has prevented herself from the serious effects of Otosclerosis. She is still doing her treatment.

While the condition could not be totally cured, its causes can be overcome and minimized. Although, it’s a terrifying experience for sufferers.

“Why couldn’t it be some other part of my body that was going wrong?” and “Why did it have to be my ears?” she asked to herself.

With a prolific career in the media, Merriman was born with pitch-perfect hearing. Meanwhile, she has also worked with sound on the daily basis.

Helena told Radio Times: “The thought of these sounds slipping away felt terrifying, I didn’t want to make it real by saying it out loud”.

Helena Merriman Husband Henry Hemming Was Her Big Support

BBC Radio 4 host, Helena Merriman has been married to her wonderful husband, Henry Hemming.

The couple lives in London and is raising two children; Matilda, eight, and Sam, now four.

Professionally speaking, her husband is an English non-fiction author. He is the writer of  M: Maxwell Knight, MI5’s Greatest Spymaster.

More on her husband, he is the son of John Hemming, explorer, author, and former Director of the Royal Geographical Society.

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