Bella Poarch Tattoo Meaning

Bella Poarch Tattoo Meaning has brought herself a lot of controversies these days. Bella Poarch is a famous TikTok star who has shaken the social media platform with her content on TikTok. She is more often posting a video of her lip-syncing in various songs which has bought herself to superior limelight. Despite being on her teenage she has been a very talented content creator in social media.

Bella Poarch started her TikTok channel in April 2020 and within 5 months period, she has been on top of the world with her extraordinary content. Recently she had faced a huge controversy regarding her tattoo that offended many of her Korean fans as it seemed like a symbol of Japanese militarism and colonial rule.

Quick Facts: Bella Poarch Tattoo Meaning

Name Bella Poarch
Birthday February 8, 2001
Age 19
Gender Female
Nationality Filipino
Profession Tiktok Star/Social media influencer
Net Worth $1million
Married/Single single
Instagram @bella.poarch
Twitter @bellapoarch

🥚When the chick finally hatched🐣✨

♬ The Chicken Wing Beat – Ricky Desktop

10 Facts on Bella Poarch:

  1. Bella Poarch was born on February 8, 2001, in the Philippines.
  2. Bella’s age as of 2020 is just 19 years old yet she is a very talented girl who has made her life on the social media platform.
  3. Bella Poarch Tattoo meaning brought her in the middle of the controversy as she has tattooed red sun with 16 rays while Korean and Filipino fans got offended with her tattoo and it symbolized Japanese militarism and colonial rule and Bella didn’t know the real meaning of the tattoo later she apologized to her fans.
  4. Although Bella lives in Hawaii she made her tattoo in march as people in Hawaii use sun rays a lot in their clothing and even in their cars so this inspired her to create a tattoo that created her to be a racist as this tattoo symbolizes similar to he Nazis Swastik logo.
  5. Bella Poarch is very popular for her TikTok content and awesome lipsyncing video of several songs.
  6. Talking about her Ethnicity she is from an Asian ethnic group who follows Buddhism religion.
  7. Bella has her own TikTok account @bellapoarch where she has more than 22.4 million followers and almost 279million likes.
  8. She had even served in the US Navy but she later left it and focused on her social media career.
  9. Her net worth is approximately 1 million dollars.
  10. She was even diagnosed with major depressive disorder way back in 2017 but she has fought back very well in her life.   


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