Ben Cottrell

Ben Cottrell is an English professional football player. He is mostly regarded as an underrated player but he is one of the most talented players at the Arsenal youth side. Ben plays as a midfielder for the arsenal team and usually control the overall game and the performance of the team. Despite being in his teenage, he is among the biggest talents the arsenal youth team has ever produced.

Ben started his youth career in 2018 when he played the Arsenal youth team and soon after 1 year was promoted to the under 18 teams and now he mostly features himself in the under 23 teams because of his extraordinary talent which has forced him to be on the higher level. He has even played for premier league 2 division 1 where he has played one game and is already running with his one goal in the competition.

Quick Facts: Ben Cottrell

Name Ben Cottrell
Birthday October 31
Age 18
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession footballer
Net Worth Above $100000
Married/Single Single
Instagram bencottrell80
Twitter @Bencottrell8

10 Facts on Ben Cottrell:

  1. Ben Cottrell was born on October 31, 2001, in England, United Kingdom.
  2. His age is exactly 18 years old and just a month shy from turning 19 and the last phase of his teenage.
  3. Ben’s salary at arsenal is precisely one thousand pounds per week and his market value is nearly 200 thousand pounds as of August 12, 2020.
  4. Ben hasn’t been very opened up about his parents and their personal information and he is just focused on his footballing career.
  5. Ben is currently single and doesn’t have a girlfriend until now and is just living with his family in London.
  6. His height is approximately 5 feet and 11 inches tall which is about 1.80m high.
  7. Ben Cottrell is a footballer who has played more than 37 games for arsenal under 18 teams and 15 games for arsenal under 23 ream in which he has scored 11 goals in all the competition.
  8. Ben has his own Instagram account @bencottrell where he has more than 15k followers.
  9. His net worth including all his earnings from brands is approximately $100 thousand.
  10. He has signed a contract with the arsenal side until 2021 and believes he will succeed at the club and make his way to the first team eventually.


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