Ben Soffer

Ben Soffer is an Instagram star, living his life by sharing funny memes on Instagram. 27-year-old Ben was born in the United States, became viral from his “Boy With No Job” Instagram account. The account was created in November 2014 and now is succeeding with over 1.7 million Instagram followers and still growing.

Ben enjoys partying with celebrities. Ben and his fiancee Claudia Oshry got into Heidi Klum’s Halloween party dressing as Rob Kardashian and a pregnant Blac Chyna. His fiancee Claudia Oshry’s female equivalent account to Ben is Girl With No Job with 2.7 million followers.

Now ruling Instagram as king and queen of Instagram. This fun couple is making a business out of it and is working with brands like Captain Morgan and Smirnoff.

Quick Facts: Ben Soffer

Name Ben Soffer
Birthday April 3, 1992
Age 28
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Nationality American
Profession Social Media Personality
Net Worth $1 million -$5 million (approx.)
Married/Single Married
Wife Claudia Oshry
Children None
Instagram @boywithnojob

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A song, written by me about Bill DeBlasio aka BILL THE CRIMINILLL, inspired by Nickleback. Lyrics below! Bill Deblasio Look at this pile of trash, We’ve got a mayor that makes me laugh. Our streets are covered in poo, Why the hell is there a single shoe? This is where some hobo threw up, I hope my dog doesnt lick it up, I just watched some guy pee, Who the fuck is touching my knee? Our mayor is a god damn fool, And not to mention a total tool, He eats pizza with a fork and knife, This guys gotta get a life. I wonder if it’s too late, To prosecute him for ground-hog gate, You only had one fucking job, Just don’t drop that groundhog! Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, God, I You’re a crook and whole world hates your guts, If I saw you on the street I’d sock you in the nuts, It’s time for you to leave this city, behind, behind, Every morning I go walking in the dirty streets, On the ground there’s chicken bones and processed meats, It’s time to say it, need to say it, goodbye, goodbye

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10 Facts About Ben Soffer

  1. Ben Soffer was born on April 3, 1992, in the United States. And his age now is 28 years old as of 2020.
  2. We have no idea where he grew up in. The other details about his childhood are also not available.
  3. Ben married his fiancee Claudia Oshry in September 2017. Other than his wife, we have not that much idea about his parents.
  4. Ben’s estimated net worth in 2019 was approximately $1 Million to $5 Million and this year is still to come.
  5. Ben an Instagram star, went viral with his Boy With No Job account in November 2014 and now making a business out of it.
  6. His education detail is not available in the source, it will be notified once available.
  7. Ben is succeeding over his Instagram account with 1.7 million followers and still growing more.
  8. Ben’s height and weight are not available.
  9. Ben has a brown eye color with black hair.
  10. Ben’s Instagram posts are funny but he says 99.9% of them are complete shit.


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