Biff Poggi Net Worth, Wealth And Salary: Where Is St. Frances Academy Football Coach Now?

Biff Poggi is a legendary football coach who has become a famous name in the football community as he invested a lot of his own money and time into the St Frances Academy football team to make them a footballing powerhouse. 

His popularity shot through the roof after his achievements and time with the academy was documented in the popular series HBO’s ‘The Cost of Winning’. The football documentary has called Biff a beacon of hope in the gentrified communities. 

Quick Facts: Biff Poggi Net Worth, Wealth And Salary: Where Is St. Frances Academy Football Coach Now?

Name Biff Poggi
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Football Coach
Net Worth $1 million to $5 million
Wife Paula
Children 2 sons
Education Michigan

10 Facts About Biff Poggi

  1. Biff Poggi has a net worth of millions of dollars as reported by 247Sports. Some sources claim he is worth between $1 million to $5 million.
  2. He has also invested a huge amount of his own money into the St. Andrews football team. In fact, according to reports, he invested around $2.5 million into the team. 
  3. Most of his personal wealth comes from his hedge funds. Similarly, a substantial amount of his earnings also comes from his appearance in the HBO series, ‘The Cost of Winning’. 
  4. The coach also earned a decent salary while being a coach in football.   
  5. In 2020, he has remained away from the media and is a low-key personality. 
  6. He left his iconic job as Gilman football coach, he served more than 19 years in the team and made it a national ranking team. 
  7. At the time he left his job, he was considering job offers from Michigan and Brown but he has not been active in the footballing community since. 
  8. He has not been working actively since but has said that he supports the #FlagFootballu14. Other than this, he has not made many media appearances. 
  9. The star remains a hugely respected coach in the football community. 
  10. He and his team fought against poverty, racism, and oppression while bringing the team to the National stage. 






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