Big Bank TikTok Dance Challenge: Small Waist Pretty Face with a Big Bank Song Lyrics Explained

Big Bank TikTok dance challenge is probably one of the best dance challenges you will find on TikTok. Just like any other dance challenge, this TikTok challenge needs to be done with a song played in the background.

As far as we know, the Big Bank dance was first made by two TikTok stars named Devon Moore (@devon.moore__) and Gabriel Pascual (@itsgabrielluis). In this article, we have discussed the dance tutorial and the song lyrics that have been used in the challenge. 


Just a reminder that I created THIS VERSION of the big bank dance challenge. I remixed @itsgabrielluis original choreo. ☺️

♬ original sound – devon.moore__

Big Bank TikTok Dance Challenge Explained:

Just like a lot of Devon and Gabriel‘s dances went viral, even Big Bank dance got popular after their first upload. This led a lot of TikTok users to follow their steps and make a challenge video which is now popular as the Big Bank TikTok dance challenge. 

To do this challenge, you will need to have some basic dance skills and if you have read this, we are pretty much sure you do know how to dance. Now, you need to follow the tutorials that are made by a lot of dancers including Devon and Gabriel, and once you are perfect, you can record the video and upload it on TikTok.

Small Waist Pretty Face with a Big Bank Song Lyrics Explained:

Along with the challenge put forward by Devon and Gabriel, there is another TikTok dance challenge that is trending at the moment called Small Waist Pretty Face dance challenge. This challenge was started by a TikTok user named Leah Anderson (@leahanderson88).


nye ##fyp

♬ use this sound if your cat smells like spicy tuna – AnotherLogi

In this challenge, you just need to play the song named Small Waist Pretty Face with a Big Bank, and with the lyrics, you have to dance. It’s just a 5 seconds challenge and is mostly for girls. 

Big Bank TikTok Dance Tutorial: How To Do? 

Big Bank TikTok dance is not as easy as you think as the steps involved are quite for professional dancers. However, the tutorial videos available on both YouTube and TikTok has made it easier for even beginners to take part in the challenge. 

Hope you have now got some idea about what this challenge is. And, we highly encourage you to take part in this challenge if you really got the moves. 


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