Bill Flynn Biography

Bill Flynn (William “Bill” Flynn) was a South African Comedian, Actor, Dramatist, and also a rock band member. His highly successful career included leading roles in over 140 stage plays, musicals, 42 films, dozens of TV shows and thousands of radio and TV commercials.

Bill was born in Ysterplaat, Cape Town. Not much is really known of his family nor his past life at the moment. We will update this information soon. Coming to his educational Background, He attended Plumstead primary and high schools. He studied at the University of Cape Town Drama Department under Robert Mohr and Mavis Taylor (BA in English and Drama).

Bill began his career as a founding member of the “Space Theatre” in the early 1970s, he was also a very talented and serious actor. He worked on 47 productions in three years. In this period he worked with Athol Fugard and Yvonne Bryceland. He joined the Market Theatre’s The Company in 1975.

Apart from working regularly with Slabolepszy, the 1980s saw Flynn also working for Pieter Toerien. As he gained weight and lost hair, he endeared himself to the public as a comedian and worked widely on stage, film, and TV. However, in 2000/1 Flynn made a resounding comeback as a serious actor in what must be the finest theatre production of the year, playing “Willy Loman” in Miller’s Death of a Salesman at the Grahamstown Festival, then touring the country.

Flynn was also a talented singer and sang everything from comedy opera to rock n roll. After his years with Vinnie and the Viscounts, his next band, The Rock Rebels, developed a committed group of followers.

As an actor, he appeared on stage in productions of Hello and Goodbye1975, Enemy – An Anti-War Collage, People are Living There, Long Day’s Journey into Night, Don’t Drink the Water, Play it again, Sam (at the Market Theatre), The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and in Tsafendas; Waiting for Godot; Skelms; Magic is Alive; Grinders War; Kill and Kill Again; Playland.

In addition he did Popcorn (Pieter-Dirk Uys, 1973), Ruffian on the Stair, School Play, Skyvers/Jollers, Superman, ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore, The Touch of 1900s, We Bombed in New Haven, What the Butler Saw, Workplay, You’ll Come (chuckle) to Love Your ????? (snigger) Test, After Liverpool, Ashes, Don’t Walk About with Nothing On, Drivers, The Four Seasons, Fragments, The Glass Menagerie, Going to Pot, The Happy Prince, I’ll Ring for more Toast, The Indian wants the Bronx, Madly in Love, Muzeeka and Outcry.

He played “Biff” in PACT’s Death of a Salesman (1975) and had roles in The Duchess of Malfi (PACT, 1975), The Tempest (PACT 1975), Fortune and Men’s Eyes (1975), Fangs (PACT 1977), The Norman Conquests (1979), The Royal Hunt of the Sun (1981), Glengarry Glen Ross (1985), Black Coffee (1985) , The Foreigner (1986), Doubles (1986-7), Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune (1988).

Slabolepszy and Flynn collaborated in several successful productions over the years. The superb Saturday Night at the Palace premiéred at the Market Theatre in 1983, as did Pale Natives later. Keen sports-lovers, they then moved into pure farce with such successes as Under the Okes, Over the Hill, Heel Against the Head (the latter filmed as well). One of his most well-loved characters was “Tjokkie” in the hit comedies Heel Against the Head and Running Riot.

In the one-man piece The Colossus of Brooklyn (1989-90) he portrayed 42 characters. He starred in Richard Harris’s The Maintenance Man at the Leonard Rayne in 1990. He appeared as one of the dames in the pantomime Sinbad’s African Adventures in 1992. In 2000/1 Flynn made a resounding comeback as a serious actor in what must be the finest theatre production of the year, playing “Willy Loman” in Miller’s Death of a Salesman at the Grahamstown Festival.

Flynn also directed Picnic on the Battlefield, Post Mortem and Don’t Walk About with Nothing On. Marico Moonshine and Mampoer, The Four Seasons, and a number of collaborative works with his friend and colleague Paul Slabolepszy.

His television credits included Hello and Goodbye, People are Living There, Senor **, The Toasty Show, The Carruthers Brothers, Jozi Streets. Whites; A role in the film City Lovers (directed by Barney Simon, 1982 ). Film credits include Saturday Night at the Palace, Heel Against the Head, Aw Schucks it’s UNTAG?*, The Sunflower, Oh Schucks..I’m Gatvol?.

Bill Flynn Age

Bill was born on December 13, 1948. He was 58 years old when he passed away in 2007.

Bill Flynn Height

Information on his body measurements is currently unavailable.

Bill Flynn Photo

Bill Flynn Photo

Bill Flynn Wife|Married

Flynn was married twice, He first married Anne Power and later married Jana Cilliers.

Bill Flynn Awards

He won The Glass Menagerie, Three Leaf Award, in 1974. He then won the 1975 Three Leaf Award for the best actor for Hello and Goodbye and The Glass Menagerie. Was Dublin Critic Circle Award Best Actor for 1976 for Hello and Goodbye. Won a Sammy Award in 1979 for Play it again, Sam in Johannesburg.

He won the best actor at the DALRO Awards for his role in Play it again, Sam. Saturday Night at the Palace won The Amstel Award as the Best Play of the Year, 1981. In all, Bill won 13 Best Actor Awards. He also won the Dublin Critics Award as well as a Golden Entertainer Award. Bill won a Best Screenplay Award for writing Saturday Night at the Palace.

He was also the winner of 12 Best Actor awards by 2003, with 35 more nominations. Also numerous awards as supporting actor, e.g. the (Fleur du Cap Theatre Award, for Best Supporting Actor for Doubles (1987), His role as Willy Loman in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman garnered him every available Best Actor Award for 2000/2001.

Bill Flynn Death

Flynn died in Johannesburg, South Africa on 11 July 2007 of an apparent heart attack. He was 58 years old. His highly successful career included leading roles in over 140 stage plays, musicals, 42 films, dozens of TV shows and thousands of radio and TV commercials.

Bill Flynn Movies and TV Shows

House of the Living Dead, 1973No Gold for a Dead Diver, 1974Hello and Goodbye, 1979Kill and Kill Again, 1981City Lovers, 1982Prisoners of the Lost Universe, 1983Funny People II, 1983Magic Is Alive, My Friend, 1985Senor Smith, 1986Saturday Night at the Palace, 1987Kwagga Strikes Back, 1990Die Prince van Pretoria, 1993Kalahari Harry, 1994Guns of Honor, 1994Marie s’en va t-en guerre, 1994Treasure at Elephant Ridge, 1995Human Timebomb, 1996Heel Against the Head, 1999The Carruthers Brothers, 2000Oh Schuks… I’m Gatvol, 2004Jozi Streets, 2004Krakatoa – The Last Days, 2006Running Riot, 2006

Bill Flynn CDs

Toyi Kaka – 1995I Don’t Like Cricket, I Love It – 1996B.O.K.K.E. – 1999GeesGooi My A TenorTenors RacketRainbow Worrior

As a group

Get Vrot – Vinnie & The ViscountsRock & Roll Party – Vinnie & The ViscountsGet This – The Rock RebelsGooi Mielies – The Rock Rebels

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