Brendon Zub Age: Facts To Know About The Actor

Brendon Zub is a Canadian actor and producer who is best known for appearing in the highly acclaimed DC and CW series, Batwoman. The actor portrays the role of “Chuck Dodgson” in the latest series in Arrowverse. Besides, you can also see him in the pilot episode of another Arrowverse series, The Flash. The actor earned a lot of acclaims when he appeared in the CW show, Charmed, in 2018. 

Quick Facts: Brendon Zub Age: Facts To Know About The Actor

Name Brendon Zub
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Profession Actor
Instagram @brendonzub

Born in Vancouver, Brendon moved to Alberta at a young age. He was passionate about sports and athletics ever since his childhood. He spent his childhood in Hungary, then in Germany. During his time in Germany, he thought about professional acting. Coming back to Canada, he got roles in highly acclaimed shows such as Supernatural, The 100, and The Flash. Here is everything you need to know about the actor. 

10 Facts on Brendon Zub

  1. Brendon Zub is a Canadian actor who is best known for appearing in the DC comic-based TV show, Batwoman. 
  2. The actor’s age is yet to be determined. He has not shared his age or birthday until now. 
  3. Moreover, Brendon doesn’t seem to be married as per his IMDb biography. He doesn’t have a girlfriend either. 
  4. Despite his impressive roles in TV shows, Brendon Zub is yet to have a Wikipedia biography. He more than deserves one though. 
  5. You can easily find him on social media. The actor has more than 5000 followers on Instagram. 
  6. Besides, Brendon is also a chef. He is currently in the ET reality show, Christmas Calendar. 
  7. Moreover, his most notable role comes in the CW show, Batwoman. 
  8. Brendon Zub keeps his dating life private. He has not yet revealed his romantic partner. 
  9. Apart from acting, he is also good at jiujitsu and all kinds of sports. 
  10. His acting credits can be found on IMDb and also on various web portal sites. 


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