Brian Coll Died: How Old Was He? Cause Of Death Revealed

Brian Coll was an Irish country singer who rose to fame during the 70s. The singer had around 55 years of a singing career. He started his professional career by forming the band, The Buckaroos in 1968. A year later, he performed at New York’s Carnegie Hall in an American style. He was known as one of the most authentic Irish Country singers. 

Unfortunately, Brian has met his demise at the age of 79. His close friend, Mike Denver made a tweet confirming his unfortunate death. He had been a sensation for Irish Country music. Even though he is gone, Brian Coll will be remembered for his soulful country hits. May his departed soul rest in peace. 

Quick Facts: Brian Coll Died: How Old Was He? Cause Of Death Revealed

Name Brian Coll
Age 79 years
Gender Male
Nationality Irish
Profession Singer

Here are a few important facts to know about the Irish country music legend, Brian Coll. 

10 Facts on Brian Coll

  1. Brian Coll was an Irish Country music artist best known for his songs during the 70s and 80s. 
  2. Unfortunately, the country legend has died yesterday at the age of 79. 
  3. As per sources, the cause of his death was a heart attack. He had been having heart problems for several last years of his life. 
  4. In spite of his musical brilliance, no one has yet dedicated Brian to a Wikipedia biography. 
  5. The news has certainly left his wife and family heartbroken. However, no comments are made from them yet. 
  6. Hence, nothing much is known about his children either. He clearly wasn’t in the era of social media. 
  7. Brian Coll was a country artist who formed The Buckaroos in 1968. He was associated with several other bands as well. 
  8. Nonetheless, Brian was regarded as one of the best authentic Irish Country singers in the world. 
  9. However, he really did give a lot of musical hits. 
  10. His demise will surely leave a big hole in the hearts of his fans and followers. May his soul rest in Peace. 


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