Britt Kanja

Britt Kanja is a famous style icon, fashion icon and a professional dancer. She is among the oldest style icon yet very determinant in her work as he is working very hard to be one of the greatest at her age group. She was born in Berlin and she has been one of the most creative divas in Germany as well as in the whole world. She has travelled around the world for her dance tour and has earned herself a number of followers.

Britt Kanja spent her early days in Berlin and later moved to San Diego, California, the USA for her further studies where she studied nutritional science and later moved back to Germany to pursue her dream in the fashion industry especially designing clothes, choreographing for fashion shows and many more.  

Quick Facts: Britt Kanja

Name Britt Kanja
Birthday 1950-1955
Age 65-70
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 5 in
Nationality German
Ethnicity White
Profession Model
Married/Single Married
Husband Günther Krabbenhöft
Instagram @britt.kanja

10 Facts on Britt Kanja:

  1. Britt Kanja was approximately born in the mid-1950s in Berlin, Germany.
  2. Her age as of 2020 is around the mid 65s but she hasn’t revealed her exact date of birth yet.
  3. Britt Kanja is married to an American born German model Günther Krabbenhöft as she met him while she went to California, the USA for her higher studies.
  4. Despite being one of the biggest German fashionistas she isn’t yet available in a wiki page but you can find her on
  5. Talking about her nationality she was born in Berlin, Germany likewise her husband was born in California, USA but they both lived in Germany pursuing their Modelling career.
  6. Britt has her own Instagram profile named @britt.kanja where she has more than 30k followers.
  7. Britt and Her husband Gunther got married in 1983 but they were in a relationship since the 1970s.
  8. Britt and Gunther’s net worth as of 2020 is more than a million dollars as they are the oldest fashionistas in Germany.
  9. Her height is approximately 5 feet and 5 inches tall which is about 165cm.
  10. She is among those Fashionistas who has blue eyes and only 10% of the world’s population has these coloured eyes.


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