Bryan Bowlsbey was the Major in the Illinois National Guard. But now, as mentioned on his Facebook, he works as the Information Technology Specialists. He has also worked as the manager of security services for AT&T and as the engineering lead for Army National Guard.

Bryan is also known for being the husband of American politician and former U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, Tammy Duckworth. Know more about Bryan Bowlsbey from the details below.

Quick Facts: Bryan Bowlsbey

Name Bryan Bowlsbey
Gender Male
Height N/A
Nationality American
Profession IT Specialists
Net Worth N/A
Married/Single Married
Wife Tammy Duckworth
Children 2
Education University of Maryland, Webster University

10 Facts About Bryan Bowlsbey

  1. Bryan Bowlsbey’s age and birthday are not known. We do know that his wife Tammy is 52 years old as of 2020. So, Bryan might also be in his fifties.
  2. Bryan holds the American nationality. His ethnic background is unknown.
  3. As mentioned earlier, Bryan Bowlsbey is married to his wife Tammy Duckworth who has been serving as the Junior United States Senator from Illinois.
  4. Bryan did his studies from the University of Maryland. And later, he did a Master’s degree in IT management for Webster University.
  5. Bryan and his wife are blessed with two children. And both of them are daughters. The couple had their children after struggling with fertility for a decade.
  6. The information about Bryan’s parents and other family members are not available.
  7. Bryan doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia page. But you can find one of his wife Tammy Duckworth.
  8. We don’t have the information about Bryan’s height, weight, and other body measurements. But definitely he is a tall person. you can know that looking at his pictures.
  9. The net worth details and income of Bryan are not available. According to the source, Bryan bought a house in Virginis after his wife became the Senate.
  10. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, both Bryan and his wife have maintained the Pilot Licenses. 

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