Bubzbeauty had divorced her husband, Tim, a year ago. However, she has not talked if he was cheating on her. Learn who is her new boyfriend. 

LinduyTsang, known as Bubzbeauty, is a famous Youtuber. She is an Irish woman of Chinese descent. 

She makes videos on makeup, hairstyle, and also her life experiences. These videos have earned her 2.83m subscribers on YouTube and hundreds of thousands on other social media platforms. 

Bubzbeauty is not only a Youtuber but also an entrepreneur who is active in social service. She aims to help build schools for needy students and has helped build 5 schools so far. 

Bubzbeauty Divorced Her Husband – Was Tim Cheating?

Bubzbeauty and her husband, Tim, were divorced in 2020 after a long period of togetherness. 

They were dating for some time and got married on 10 August 2013. They also have two children together.

Their first child was a son, named Isaac born in 2014, and a daughter Ayla in 2017. Despite the small and happy family, back in 2020, they got divorced.

After lots of fans questioned, she had shared the news on her Instagram story. She did not tell the reason behind their divorce. Also, she did not talk about him cheating on her. 

We can see her fans gossiping about her relationship on Guru Gossip

After her divorce, she seems much happier with her children and family. She continuously posts videos and vlogs on her pages Bubzbeauty and Bubzvlogs. 

Who Is Bubzbeauty New Boyfriend? 

After divorcing with ex-husband Tim, Bubzbeauty is reported to be dating someone. However, the person is still anonymous.

According to her fans, she was seen with her new boyfriend. Also, she had posted a picture with a guy covering his face with an emoji, captioning something online.

Moreover, she was seen in his car and mentioning she is happy like a dog there. The mother of two, not long after her divorce, is proved to be dating.

Many of her fans are appreciating her decision and praising new boyfriend. However, the person is still anonymous, and it is yet to see who she is dating now. 


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