Carla Crawford is the mother of a television host and beauty pageant winner Kamie Crawford. She is mainly in the spotlight because of her daughter’s fame.

Carla has 5 children in total, and all 5 of them are girls. There is no information about her other children except for Kamie Crawford. Moreover, Carla is very much proud of all her daughters and very supportive as well.

Name Carla Crawford
Instagram @fivecrowncarla
Twitter @FiveCrownCarla

10 Facts About Carla Crawford

Carla Crawford has not revealed any of her personal information on the Internet. Therefore, her age is still unknown. However, we can guess that she is above 40 years as she has given birth to 5 daughters.She has remained the state director of Miss District of Columbia, the USA, back to back 2 times.Carla has been living in Washington, District of Columbia currently as she is in that sector’s politics. Carla Crawford is married to Victor Crawford, and they have 5 daughters together.This former state director gave birth to Kamie Crawford on October 25, 1992. Carla is proud of all her daughters, but Kamie has made her the proudest.Carla has not shared a lot about herself. Therefore her net worth and salary are still in the dark and unknown. However, she has always been very supportive of her daughters, both financially and mentally.There is not much about her on the internet. Therefore, either she is working or not after retiring from the state director is still unknown.It was not only Kamie who participated. All her siblings participated in the competition, but surprisingly only Kamie won the title. She won the title for Miss Teen USA 2010. Carla is active on Instagram as @fivecrowncarla. Her account has 3,293 followers with 1869 posts.She is also active on Twitter as @FiveCrownCarla. Her Twitter account has 1,130 followers, and she has done 2743 posts.

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