Carli Nash: Facts on Johnny Nash’s Wife

Carli Nash is the wife of late musician Johnny Nash. Johnny was an American singer popular for his reggae and pop songs. He recently passed away on Oct 6, 2020, due to natural causes.

Carli was Johnny’s third and last wife. Furthermore, he lives in the memory of his family and fans now. 

Quick Facts: Carli Nash: Facts on Johnny Nash”s Wife

Name Carli Nash
Gender Female
Nationality American
Married/Single Widow
Husband Johnny Nash (died 2020)
Children Johnny Jr and Monica

10 Facts on Carli Nash

  1. Carli Nash is the wife of late American musician Johnny Nash. Though Carli’s age is not disclosed, she may be around her husband’s age who was 80 years at the time of his demise.
  2. Johnny Nash was a renowned reggae singer and songwriter. He is best known for his songs like “I Can Clearly See Now” and “Rock Me Baby”
  3. Unfortunately, Johnny left the world sad after he passed away on October 6, 2020. Similarly, he died due to natural causes and bad health as per various sources.
  4. Very few details have been provided about Carli on Johnny’s Wikipedia page. Therefore, we have gathered some interesting facts about the celebrity wife in this article.
  5. Carli and Johnny’s other family members consist of daughter Monica and son Johnny jr. Moreover, the news of Johnny’s death was shared by his only son. 
  6. However, Carli is not Johnny’s first found love. As a matter of fact, Johnny has been married twice before. However, the names of his ex-wives is still a public mystery. 
  7. Although Johnny and Carli possessed millions of dollars, they never flaunted their Net Worth. Likewise, the couple was involved in various charities. 
  8. It is no doubt that Nash supported her husband until his death. Now, she will be carrying his music legacy along with her 2 children. 
  9. Carli is not very familiar with social media right now. So, she remains absent from Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. 
  10. Carli currently resides in Huston, Texas, which is also Johnny’s native home. Similarly, she is a beautiful woman belonging to black ethnicity. 


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