Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz are mixed martial artists who have been pitched together a lot in their careers as they have been perceived to have a lot in common, especially being from the same place – California. They had the popular trilogy fights at the Ultimate Fighting Championship which was initially 2 for a long time as every attempt to have a 3rd fight proved abortive with Ortiz having to receive neck fusion surgery at that time. The Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz’s third fight finally took place in November 2018 with Ortiz coming out as the winner after Chucks’ first two wins.

The two professional fighters have had a robust career in sports and entertainment, gathering a huge number of fans in the process. Even though Chuck is no longer actively competing, the Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz clash has remained an interesting subject because of how prolific their career has been.

Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz, How Old Are They?

Chuck Liddell was born on the 17th of December 1969 at Santa Barbara, California, United States. Tito Ortiz, on the other hand, was born on the 23rd of January 1975 in Huntington Beach, California, United States.

While the two renowned mixed martial artists are in their 40s, there’s a five-year age difference between them with Chuck being the older one.

It is also pertinent to point out that none of these men look their age physically, thanks to years of constant workout and keeping fit.

Their Heights and Other Body Measurements

The great sportsmen have been pitched together several times in their career endeavors. Although they initially made a pact never to fight each other, the pact was broken when they faced each other in an epic trilogy fight with Chuck defeating Tito in the first two and Tito getting his revenge in the 3rd fight.

The Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz match-up is an interesting one on so many levels. The differences in their heights and other body stats are so minimal that it’s almost hard to detect. In terms of their height, Chuck is 6 feet 2 inches tall while Tito is 6 feet 3 inches tall. Moreover, Tito is a little heavier weighing 93 kg compared to Chuck’s 92 kg. Also, Chuck has a reach of 76 and a half-inch which translates to about 194 cm. Tito on the order hand has a reach of 74 inches which is about 190 cm.

Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz: Facts About The Legendary Trilogy Fight

In retrospect, it is possible that Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz never really liked themselves. They were both managed at a time by the current president of the UFC, Dana White, and were supposedly friends who had a lot in common and never saw the need to compete with one another. But as they say, ‘never say never’ when it comes to combative sports as there are no permanent friends or enemies.

Since they both became big names independently in MMA, one would assume that they had good reasons to hate or fight each other. Alas, Chuck was the first to show his disdain for Tito, claiming he is using their ‘friendship’ as an excuse to duck him. A trilogy fight was then planned to determine who was the best of the two shining stars of the UFC.

Their first fight took place on the 2nd of April 2004 with Chuck knocking out Tito on the second round. He was crowned the UFC light heavyweight champion after one more win.

Their second fight was on the 30th of December 2006. It was a grand fight and was at that time the biggest pay-per-view event in the history of UFC with over a million buys. Chuck again came out as the winner by a Technical Knockout (TKO) in the 3rd round.

After several efforts, a canceled third fight finally happened in November 2018 with Tito knocking Chuck out in the first round. Tito was more than elated by his win and revenge, stating that they were equals all along.

In several quarters, Tito wasn’t considered a real winner as there has been a call for Chuck’s retirement 8 years before then. As such, it is held that he didn’t fight as well as he used to in his prime.

The two are considered champions on every level and have been credited for bringing Mixed Martial Arts into the mainstream of sports and entertainment in America. Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz were inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2009 and 2012 respectively.

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