Clare Dunne Birthmark: Get To Know Actress From Herself

The Herself actress and writer, Clare Dunne talks about her birthmark which is also prominent on the character she plays in the movie. The mark is present under her left eye and was spotted by many fans once the movie premiered on Amazon Prime. 

Sandra, Clare’s character in the movie also showcases her birthmark under her left eye. It is used as a metaphor for physical abuse in the film. 

Quick Facts: Clare Dunne Birthmark: Get To Know Actress From Herself

Name Clare Dunne
Age 33 years
Gender Female
Nationality Irish
Profession Actress/Writer
Instagram @clare.dunnebear

Born and raised in Dublin, Clare Dunne gave a headstart to her career by writing and acting on a lot of Broadway shows. Before her recent movie, Herself, the actress was present in productions like Spider-Man: Far From Home, Nice Night for It, and The Cherishing. 

However, her first major role came in the Amazon prime studios film. It premiered on January 8, 2021. 

10 Facts on Clare Dunne

  1. Clare Dunne is an Irish actress and writer who is best known for her lead role in the Amazon Prime movie, Herself. 
  2. As you may have spotted in the film, Clare Dunne has a birthmark right under her left eye. 
  3. Moreover, Clare Dunne is not married. She is single and doesn’t have a partner or a boyfriend. 
  4. As of 2021, Clare is 33 years old. She is yet to share her birthday though. 
  5. Born and raised in Dublin, the actress is Irish by nationality
  6. Moving on, Clare Dunne has a significant social media presence with over 1300 followers on Instagram. 
  7. Likewise, the actress also has a well dedicated Wikipedia biography. 
  8. In the film, ClareDunne plays the role of “Sandra”, a young mother who suffers abuse from her husband. 
  9. As a result, Sandra leaves with her daughters and tries to build a life on her own. The film has received wide critical acclaim. 
  10. Clare Dunne undoubtedly has an excellent career ahead of her. She has her acting credits mentioned on IMDb. 


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