Daniele Vitale

Daniele Vitale is an amazing Saxophone player who is famous on Youtube for the videos of his musical performances which he posts. Currently, he posted a video of him playing the instrument on his balcony which became the talk of his town and he gets featured on the most-watched television channel ” Rai 1″ of his country.

A musical artist from Naples, Italy not only excels with his instrument but also with his charm. Daniele Vitale is an example of” When looks meet talent” who mostly seems wearing a white suit while performing and looks dapper in it. He has 3.24 million subscribers on youtube with the most-watched video with over 59 million views. 

Quick Facts: Daniele Vitale

Name Daniele Vitale
Gender Male
Nationality Italian
Profession Musical Artist, Saxophonist
Instagram @daniele_vitale_sax
Youtube DanieleVitaleSaxMusic
Facebook DanieleVitaleSax

10 Facts on Daniele Vitale

  1. Born and brought up in Naples, Italy, Daniele Vitalle’s nationality is Italian.
  2. Talking about his age, date of birth, and height, nothing has been shared on his social media as well as other sites.
  3. Although being a famous musical performer his personal information is not given on Wiki.
  4. Daniele Vitale is on Instagram as @daniele_vitale_sax with 201K followers where he posts about his performances and provides an audible and visual treat to his fans.
  5. Apart from being famous on Youtube for his Musical performances, he plays at wedding and for corporate and international events.
  6. His genres are DeepHouse, Dance, and Electronic which he seems playing often.
  7. He started his career as a musician from childhood but became a known name after he joined Youtube 5 years ago.
  8. He often seems to perform in Mergellina, Napoli for the beautiful sceneries and huge crowd the place has.
  9. There is no information about the girlfriend of Daniele Vitale on the Internet so it can be assumed he may be single focusing on his career.
  10. Daniele Vitale has a Net-worth of around $163K- $978K.


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