Dateline: James Chambers is a subject of NBC’s next Dateline episode, The Bridge. The show reports the brutal 2014 disappearance and possible murder case.

The James Chambers case is set to reappear among the people once again as NBC’s Dateline will air the story of the brutal Fayetteville murder. The episode is set to be a 2-hour special and it will air on Friday, as per reports.

James Chambers had disappeared in August 2014 and no one has ever seen him ever since. There have been a few suspects on the case until a man named Howard Ashleman was pled guilty to murder.

Dateline: James Chambers Murder The Bridge

NBC’s Dateline will tomorrow tell the thriller story of the disappearance of James Chambers.

The central point of the case is 28-year-old James Chambers who was last seen on August 15 by his former girlfriend in North Carolina. After 9 days of his disappearance, his parents reported him missing.

To date, James hasn’t been found and is reported dead. A man named Howard Ashlemt pled guilty to murdering him in a private plea deal in 2018.

The case was closed then, but a lot of questions remain unanswered still. NBC’s Dateline: The Bridge is set to go behind the facts and give a different perspective in the case.

You ought not to miss it on Friday.

James Chambers Family: Where Are His Parents Now?

James Chambers was born to James Chambers Sr. and Rachel Wellhauser.

Born to great supportive parents, James grew up normal. It was his parents who reported him missing on August 24, 2014, after they didn’t see him for 9 days.

Speaking in an interview, his mother, Rachel mentioned that he knew something was wrong with him.

The parents had already lost a child before James. His little brother, Michael died in 2008 at the age of 15. He battled muscular dystrophy and couldn’t make it.

So, it has been a tragic set of events as parents for James Chambers Sr. and Rachel Wellhauser.

James Chambers Murderer Howard Ashleman: Where Is He Now?

Howard Ashleman pled guilty to the murder of James Chambers in 2018.

So, as of now, he is currently serving his time in jail.

Further details about the case are set to be on air soon on Dateline: The Bridge. Don’t miss out on the 2-hour-episode.

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