David Eatock Wikipedia: Where Is Former Newcastle Footballer Now?

Does David Eatock have a Wikipedia page? Catch more about Former Newcastle footballer in detail in this article. 

David Eatock is a former English footballer who was associated with Newcastle United as a football player. He was one of Keegan’s signing at the age of 18. Moreover, David Eatock received comprehensive media coverage in 2016.

In fact, David was in the headlines when George Ormond sexually abused him while he was at the club. Well, it’s a matter of shame with awful feeling to hear that news.

Does David Eatock have a Wikipedia page?

So far now, David Eatock is not available on the Wikipedia page.

Despite being seen on various news outlets like TheGuardianBBC, and so on, David is yet to get his place on Wikipedia bio.

David Eatock Wife And Family Updates

Moving towards David Eatock’s wife, there is no information about his marital status.

Well, after that incident of getting sexually abused, he was frozen and stayed low-key afterward.

When it comes to the David Eatock family, our research came to no avail as we’re information about his parents. Also, we’re unknown if he has siblings or not.

Where is Former Newcastle footballer David Eatock Now?

 We’re currently unaware of where actually Former Newcastle footballer David Eatock now. 

David Eatock Charges

David Eatock has charged George Ormond with being sexually abused. 

According to thesun, Eatock said he was emboldened by other football players sharing their own stories of sexual abuse. Thus, he claimed George had taken him under his wing during his training years with Newcastle. 

Ormond was also convicted in year 2002 for grooming and assaulting him for 7 years. Also, he had filed a complaint with the police about his own experiences.

In addition to that, we’re yet to perceive information about arrest and jail time after the charges.                                                


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