Ricky Martin is renowned for his song “Livin’ La Vida Loca” but the singer has done more than releasing a hit. He broke grounds for bringing Latin pop to the front line of US music scene. And considering that he achieved that much while he struggled with his sexuality makes it all the more impressive. After his break in the music scene, he expanded to acting and writing books, which altogether has made his fans grow significantly.

Early Life and Career

Ricky grew up in a broken Catholic home. His parents Nereida Morales and Enrique Martin Negroni divorced in 1973, two years after his birth. He has two older half-brothers from his mom’s side and two older half-brothers and a younger half-sister from his dad as well. The singer has a Spanish descent mixed with Basque and Corsican ancestry from his grandparents. He caught the singing bug at 6 while serving as an altar boy in the Catholic church. The then young aspiring singer composed his songs using kitchen utensils to make the beats. Inspired by his mother’s lineage that is musically inclined particularly his maternal grandfather who was a poet, young Martin started writing his songs at a tender age. He had the chance of appearing in TV commercials at age 9 for a toothpaste company, soft drinks, etc. In 1983 when he was 12, he was accepted into a well-known boy band named Menudo after several rejections due to his short height. Despite that he was always traveling and performing with the group, he left in the late 80’s because of the band’s strict schedule.

In 1991, he decided to try more endeavors, starting an acting career. The same year, he released his first solo album, Ricky Martin. The album was successful and a second album Me Amarás followed in 1993. After his second album which was equally successful, Ricky started focusing more on acting but returned his gaze to music in 1995 and did more albums in Spanish-Language while taking up TV and film roles.

His biggest break came after releasing the “Livin’ La Vida Loca” in the late 1990s and afterward, he began making music in the English language afterward. The album sold massively and climbed to the top chart. Since his break with the song, the artist has remained unwavering in the winning scene, with many successful tours, filmography and other amazing works to his credit.

Is Ricky Martin-Gay, Who Is His Husband or Partner?

To be a role model, you have to go where others haven’t or won’t. You will also have to be willing to say things most people won’t. In Ricky Martin’s case, he was able to speak up even everybody thought he wouldn’t. The singer was dating a woman, Mexican TV host Rebecca de Albain in an on-and-off relationship for more than 14 years before he decided to open up about his sexuality.

He and his lover were even planning to start their own family together and Martin at some point thought about surprising her with an engagement ring. His sexuality began stirring controversies after the success of “Livin’ La Vida Loca” song which led to a hefty gay following.

Many questions were asked and Martin declined any comment relating to his sexuality. According to him, he owed nobody an explanation for his sexual preference. Maybe he figured out then that talking out loud wouldn’t help as he later decided to share this part of his personal life in 2010 via his website.

He claimed that friends and family discouraged him from coming out as gay which made him spend years in silence grieving over his decision to go public about his sexuality. Those years made him understand that acceptance doesn’t have to be from outside, it should first come within.

Martin was not a lonely gay man even before he came out as one. He was dating Carlos Gonzalez Abella, an economist who he showered praises on while receiving Vito Russo Award at the 22nd GLAAD Media Awards. Unfortunately, their relationship ended in 2014.

Two years after their breakup, Martin started going out with Jawn Yosef, a Syrian Swedish painter. Months into their affair, they got engaged while on Ellen Degeneres Show. In 2018, they announced that they tied the knot and Martin claimed he is the husband in the relationship.

The duo will still have a heavy party that will last for three days to celebrate their love. They have done all the necessary paper works that legally binds them as “husband” and “wife” but the ceremony according to the singer will come in some months’ time. They are currently working out the venue, including the dinner, rehearsal, the party and the recovery.

Moreso, since he acknowledged his sexuality, Martin has been a voice for gay community rights and is active in the race to pave ways for a new generation of gay men. He advocates for this move during interviews and has given a speech on same-sex marriage at UN Homophobia Conference in 2012.

He took up the role of Antonia D’ Amico, the Italian model who is Gianni Versace’s lover in the new TV drama The Assassination of Gianni Versace the Italian model to continue his advocacy and shed light on what he went through those years he was in a shell about his sexuality since the sad designer also had to conceal his sexuality for years.

Who Are His Kids?

Martin has twin boys from a surrogate mother in August 2008 which is some years before he finally acknowledged his sexuality publicly. The boys are named Mateo and Valentino. Nobody is sure if the surrogate is the mother of the kids or if she just carried them to full term but Ricky once said that he had to tell his curious son who wanted to know if he had carried him in his womb “that a woman she adores so much lent him her belly.” The singing sensation didn’t give out the identity of the woman and this has remained a mystery to date.

What Is Ricky Martin’s Net Worth?

You don’t expect a man who has spent almost all his life in the music industry to not be among millionaires of Hollywood and the Rican pop star hasn’t disappointed when it comes to his finance. His net worth is estimated at $60 million which is a befitting earning for all the years he has spent in the spotlight.

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