Dolores Drake: Meet Beverly Hills Wedding Actress On Instagram

Dolores Drake is a Canadian actress based in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is best known for her roles in movies like ‘Trixies,’ ‘Say It Isn’t So,’ ‘Taken Back: Finding Hayley.’

She is among the cast members in one of the most anticipated romantic dramas of 2021, ‘Beverly Hills Wedding.’ In this movie, she is starring alongside Brooke D’Orsay, Brendan Penny, and Matthew MacCaull. She will be portraying the role of Aunt Bea. The movie is releasing on February 6, 2021, on Hallmark.

Quick Facts: Dolores Drake: Meet Beverly Hills Wedding Actress On Instagram

Name Dolores Drake
Gender Female
Nationality Canadian
Profession Actor
Facebook @DoloresDrakeArtist

10 Facts About Dolores Drake

  1. Dolores Drake does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to her.
  2. Dolores Drake has a supporting role in the Canadian Movie Beverly Hills Wedding, directed by Paul Ziller. The movie will premiere on February 6, 2021, on Hallmark at 9 PM.
  3. In the Mystery/Comedy-drama ‘Trixie’, Dolores portrayed a Lobbyist. She played Mrs. Hartunian in the romantic comedy ‘Say it isn’t so,’ and in the Mystery Thriller ‘Taken Back: Finding Haley,’ Dolores took on the role of School Secretary.
  4. Dolores wrote and performed her solo play ‘The Distance Between Newfound Land and Toronto,’ directed by Lynna Goldhar Smith in Vancouver Fringe Festival in 2016, which many viewers appreciated. The Plank Magazine wrote a review on her play, describing it as a brilliant play and an emotive journey.
  5. Dolores Drake does not own an Instagram account. She only has a Facebook account and an IMDb profile, which is very rarely updated.
  6. She describes herself as an actor, writer, and teacher on her Facebook bio.
  7. The information of Dolores Drake’s age is concealed, and so is the information on her personal life, including her family, husband, and children.
  8. She is a graduate of the professional theatre training school, Studio-58 Theatre and School (Langara College), situated in Vancouver, Canada.
  9. She seems to be more active in theatres than in movies.
  10. She also worked in Bates Motel, Doctor Who, Married Life, and Mr. Magoo. Her roles in these movies are lesser-known.


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