Dr Kristin Conley Age, Family – Dr. Sean Conley Wife: Everything To Know About

Dr. Kristin Conley is a famous American doctor. She is a specialized doctor in Internal Medicine who is usually responsible for the treatment of internal disease. She is the wife of a famous white house physician and the United States Navy Officer Dr. Sean Conley. She is a very talented doctor who is always there with her husband and helping people overcome disease especially now at the time of COVID-19.

Dr. Kristin Conley is on the headline after her husband is busy helping the president and his wife battle against the coronavirus. Dr.Kristin isn’t as famous as her Navy Officer husband however she is a very talented name in the field of Medicine.

Quick Facts: Dr Kristin Conley Age, Family – Dr. Sean Conley Wife: Everything To Know About

Name Dr Kristin Conley
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Doctor
Husband Dr. Sean Conley
Children 3
Education Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine

10 Facts on Dr. Kristin Conley:

  1. Dr. Kristin Conley was probably born in the early 1980s in the United States of America.
  2. Her age as of 2020 is about 40 years however she hasn’t opened up about it yet.
  3. Dr. Kristin is married to her husband Sean Conley a commander in the United States Navy and a physician to the president.
  4. Dr. Sean Conley Wife’s Dr. Kristin is a specialist in Internal Medicine.
  5. Dr. Kristin Conley Parents are still unknown as she has been very secretive about her personal life, especially regarding her family members.
  6. She completed her education in Medicine from Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania way back in 2006.
  7. Physician Kristin Conley has 3 Children with Dr. Sean Conley but they haven’t revealed their name yet. 
  8. She is currently affiliated to Frederick Regional Health System located in Frederick, Maryland.
  9. Dr. Kristin has even served the military and was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal with a gold star.
  10. Dr. Kristin isn’t available on Wikipedia or any other social media platform however she is available at 7211 Bank Court Suite 240 Frederick, MD 21703, and her hospital’s contact number is (240) 215-1474.


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