Dr Nikki Kanani Husband, Family, Parents Heritage: Is She Married?

Dr. Nikki Kanani is a British general medical practitioner and a neurosurgeon. She is currently the medical director of the NHS Primary Care and the first woman to be appointed in the post. 

A workaholic and a family person, Dr. Nikki Kanani has played a major role in the swift vaccination of covid-19 in the UK. The GP was seen alongside Prime Minister, Boris Johnson during the press conference. She absolutely deserves the credit. 

Quick Facts: Dr Nikki Kanani Husband, Family, Parents Heritage: Is She Married?

Name Dr Nikki Kanani
Birthday August 18
Age 40
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession General Practitioner
Parents Jagdisbhai, Kreeti
Siblings Sheila
Children 2
Twitter @NikkiKF

A refugee from Uganda, her father had a pharmacy in London. Her parents’ pharmacy inspired her to become medical personnel in the future but she initially wanted to become an actress. As of now, she herself has two children. 

However, Dr. Nikki Kanani doesn’t seem to be married as she has not talked about her husband. Here are a few facts about her. 

10 Facts on Dr. Nikki Kanani

  1. Dr. Nikki Kanani (MBE) is a British general practitioner who is the current director of the primary care of  NHS England. 
  2. Moreover, Dr. Nikki Kanani doesn’t have a husband as she is yet to be married. 
  3. However, she does have two children though. Her son, Ash is 12, and her daughter, Nayab is 8. 
  4. As for her family, Dr. Nikki Kanani often talks about her parents and their heritages. 
  5. Her father, Jagdishbabu is a pharmacist himself. He fled Uganda to England. 
  6. Similarly, her mother, Kreeti is also medical personnel. Her medical heritage comes from her family. 
  7. As for her nationality, the doctor was born and raised in the UK. She is British. 
  8. Also, she is currently 40 years old. Dr. Nikki Kanani celebrates her birthday on August 18 every year. 
  9. For her great works as a general practitioner, the doctor has a well dedicated Wikipedia biography. 
  10. However, nothing much is known about her salary and net worth yet. 


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