The recent TikTok trend called “The Drummer girl Challenge” is not a new challenge but is a slight modification of the old one called Electrical Tape Challenge. Here’s how you do it. 

TikTok has been very much handy for people to spend time, especially during this pandemic isolation. And with no surprise, the fellow Tiktokers are surprising viewers with new and exciting trends every other day. After all, the video networking site inherits millions of creators and viewers every day. 

If you are a regular TikTok, you might have noticed a trend called “The Drummer Girl Challenge.” Or have you felt left out when your friends have been talking about it? Well, it’s just about time that you don’t feel clueless about this exciting challenge.

Here is a complete guide on how to do the challenge and it’s way easier than you have imagined. First of all, let’s know what the challenge is about. 

What is The Drummer Girl Challenge on TikTok?

Basically, it is a set of dance moves. You remember the song, Habits by Tove Lo, don’t you? So the challenge is pretty much dancing to the Tove Lo song. However, there are a few steps you need to learn to do the moves. And once again, they are way easier than you have thought. 



♬ Drummer Girl (Contains music from: Habits – Tove Lo) – “Drummer girl”

So the dance moves are pretty normal. You just got to move your chest like you are feeling heartbeats. It is like the heartbeat drumming on your chest and that’s how the challenge got its name. Well, that’s pretty much everything. In the end, though, you have to gesture the hitting of a drum with your hands, making the trend more relevant to its name. 

Is the Drummer Girl Challenge similar to the Electrical Tape Challenge?

It does look familiar, doesn’t it? Well, it is similar to the former popular trend, The Electrical tape Challenge. However, certain adjustments are made on the new trend. The older one had pretty much mandatory dance moves but the new one inspires your own customization. That’s the part where you get to be creative. 

In the older version of this trend, the creator used to pull up his/her shirt with flashing light. However, they would keep the electrical tape attached to their chest and fool the viewers. However, the tape is not used in the Drummer Girl Challenge as it’s just cruising with the beats of Habits. 


Electrical tape challenge accepted 💪💪💪😎##viral ##duet ##followforfollowback ##tiktokph ##TROPZVLOG

♬ Drummer Girl (Contains music from: Habits – Tove Lo) – “Drummer girl”

So the people who did the Electrical Tape Challenge when it was in trend can repeat it as well. Because it is a completely different name and does have a lot of improvisations than the former one. And it is very much easy, even more reason to do it. 

Is the Drummer Girl Challenge safe?

Every Tiktok trends finally come to this, don’t they? Are they safe enough to be performing at home? Let me tell you this one’s perfectly safe to perform. It consists of a set of dance moves only. There would be an argument if it uses an electrical tape like the former one. But it doesn’t. So it is more than safe to perform. 



♬ Drummer Girl (Contains music from: Habits – Tove Lo) – “Drummer girl”

You can upload performing this trend with a hashtag #DrummerGirlChallenge on TikTok The hashtag has been viewed more than 15 million times already as the trend has picked where it left off. The videos have been liked multi-million times and have thousands of shares already. 

Try it the next time you dive into TikTok and surprise your friends and family. And hope you guys are making the most of this isolation inside your home and keeping safe. 

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