DrWitnesser is a  Fortnite streamer with his primary audience in twitch. His real name is not available on the internet. He is rather known for his preaching about Christianity than his gameplays  He has been a controversial figure in the past for mixing gaming and religion. His Instagram bio says, “I tell people about Jesus in Fortnite.” That is surely going to annoy some people. When you want to just play the game and someone won’t stop shouting about Jesus Christ- that messes up your head and doesn’t let you focus in the game.

Drwitnesser is a religious personality who uses Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to spread his message of Jesus Christ to the audience. He has been able to spread his message quickly due to social media sites. However, he has not achieved mainstream success in social media but maybe soon he will. But I have doubts because he is earning some bad reputation because he violated standards in the Twitch.

Quick Facts: DrWitnesser

Name DrWitnesser
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Twitch Streamer
Net Worth Under Review
Instagram @drwitnesser

10 Interesting Facts About DrWitnesser

  1. DrWitnesser  is a moderately popular twitch streamer with 5k + followers
  2. DrWitnesser’s age is not known to his audience.
  3. He was banned recently for violating the platform’s TOS(twitch).
  4. Information about his Net worth is not available on the internet
  5. He was banned because he yelled at a Muslim kid saying  ‘you are going to hell’ during his live stream. The streamer has been under a lot of heat for his controversial statement.
  6.  He has 2,000+ followers on Twitter.
  7. He has about 9k subscribers in Youtube
  8. The details regarding his height are still unavailable on the internet but we will update if it becomes available.
  9. He is a Christian of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) denomination.
  10. Dr.Witnesser has a total of 5376 followers on Instagram and he posts contents about Jesus Christ there as well.


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