Ebby Rozene Cohran Age, Net Worth: Facts On Charley Pride’s Wife

A veteran American singer, guitarist, and professional baseball player Charley Pride sadly has passed away. He died on 13 December 2020 at the age of 86. Most of his fans are disheartened by the news. And right now, the most depressed person his wife, Ebby Rozene Cohran. 

 Ebby is best known as the proud celebrity wife of Charley Pride. Explore her lifestyle, marriage life and professional background in the below facts!

Quick Facts: Ebby Rozene Cohran Age, Net Worth: Facts On Charley Pride”s Wife

Name Ebby Rozene Cohran
Gender Female
Married/Single Married
Husband Charley Pride
Children Kraig Pride, Dion and Angela Pride

10 Facts On Ebby Rozene Cohran

  1. Ebby’s husband died on 13 December 2020, and the reason behind her death was from complications due to COVID-19, confirmed by his publicist.
  2. She and her late husband were together for 64 years. They walked down the aisle with Charley on 28 December 1956.
  3. Her late husband Charley was a singer, guitarist, and baseball player who rose to prominence from his song Just Between You and Me.
  4. Ebby and Charley first met while playing baseball in Memphis. Sonn, they fell for one another and started dating.
  5. Together, they parented three children. In 1967, she, along with her husband, and a son named Kraig Pride, moved to Helena when Charley had a breakthrough in his career.
  6. Later, they bought their first home, and there, they got blessed with a second son Dion and a daughter Angela Pride.
  7. Other than her kids, she has preferred to remain silent about her family members. Her parents’ and siblings’ identities are yet to get published.
  8. Likewise, her age and date of birth are also unexplored. However, her might age is similar to her late spouse. So, she could be in her mid-80s.
  9. Where is Ebby Rozene Cohran now? Since Charley died in Dallas, Texas, So, she could be residing with her family in Dallas.
  10. Ebby’s professional career is still a mystery. So, details about her job and actual net worth are yet to get disclosed. However, she indeed relishes a luxurious lifestyle because her husband had a net worth of about $40 Million before his demise, as per Celebrity Net Worth.


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