Emily Ritz

Emily Ritz is the musical and visual artist. More than that, she is famous as the dating partner of Taylor Schilling. Schilling is the actress known for ever popular show, “Orange is the New Black.” 

Moreover, the couple have transformed their relationship into more romantic after they met each other as friends. Good for them, isn’t it? It’s really a pleasure to see their faces smiling wider than ever when they are with each other. 

Quick Facts: Emily Ritz

Name Emily Ritz
Age 30s
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Musical artist
Married/Single In a relationship
Instagram @lumpland

10 Facts on Emily Ritz

  1. Emily Ritz is an musical and visual artist. But she is often known as the girlfriend of Orange is the New Black’s actress, Taylor Schilling. 
  2. The couple met each other through a mutual friend back in 2019. However, they were in a more romantic relationship since the latter part of 2019. 
  3. The confirmation about their relationship was given by Taylor herself. The Orange is the New Black’s actress opened up about her sexuality and girlfriend while celebrating Pride.
  4. Since then, the couple seem to be getting wishes and congratulations from almost all around the world. 
  5. However, Ritz hasn’t gone viral with her age and birthday. Hence, her birthday is not known at the moment, But she seems to be in her 30s. 
  6. Likewise, she doesn’t have a wikipedia biography as of now. But her bio is written on several web portals. 
  7. Moreover, she does the job of visual artist in different Tv shows. Apart from that, she is also a musical artist and a vocalist. 
  8. Emily sings song of Folk genre mainly. She has self titled record label as well. Her first album was named as “Pattern Recess.” 
  9. Besides, she has significant instagram presence. Her insta account comprises of more than 5000 followers. But the count seems to be increasing rapidly after her association with Taylor. 
  10. Furthermore, the facts about her family are not known. Similarly, net worth details of the musical artist are under determination as of now. 


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