Everglow is a South Korean girls group comprising six female members. Yuehua Entertainment formed the group on 17th February 2019 and they launched on March 18 with their debut album, Arrival of Everglow. The group subsequently made their stage debut on M! Countdown on the 21st of March. With the success of their debut album and single, the South Korean girl group is quickly gaining grounds in the Korean music industry. In addition to K-pop, the band also does hip-hop which is actually their debut genre. Meanwhile, as Everglow continues to rise in popularity with their exceptional releases and performances, fans are getting more curious about the group’s individual members. Who exactly are they and what do you know about them?

 Profile of Everglow Members

The Everglow sextet consists of E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha, and Yiren. Let’s have a detailed look at their individual profiles.

E:U – Park Ji-won

Park Jiwon is a South Korean singer best known as E:U on Everglow. She serves as the band’s vocalist, main rapper and main dancer. E:U was born on the 19th of May, 1998. She is, therefore, the oldest member and leader of the band. Several years before joining Everglow, E:U participated in the survival TV contest, SIXTEEN in 2015. Subsequently, in 2017, she contested in yet another reality competition, Idol School. In addition, E:U has modeled for Stare shoes. She was the fifth to be revealed as a member of Everglow.

Jiwon’s stage name, E:U stands for “Especially for U”. She also goes by the nicknames, Sweet Unnie and Protractor.

Sihyeon – Kim Sihyeon

A South Korean singer, Kim Sihyeon was born on 5th August 1999. She is best known as the lead vocalist of Everglow who goes by the stage name, Sihyeon. She is also the group’s face/visual, considering her exceptional good looks.

Prior to signing with Yuehua Entertainment, Sihyeon competed in season one of Mnet’s reality TV music contest Produce 101 in 2016. She finished in the 40th position and thus, earned a contract spot with Yuehua. Subsequently, Sihyeon participated in the show’s third season called Produce 48. She, however, lost out in episode 11 after finishing 27th place. Sihyeon would later become the first revealed Everglow member after training with Yuehua for two years and ten months.

Mia – Han Eunji

Han Eunji, most popular as Mia (meaning beautiful child) serves as Everglow’s main vocalist, main dancer, and rapper. She was born on 13th January 2000 in South Korea. Mia’s representative color is red.

Onda – Jo Serim

Onda works as the lead vocalist, lead dancer and visual of Everglow. She was born as o Serim on 18th May 2000 in South Korea. Onda was the third member Yuehua revealed for the group. The Korean meaning of her stage name, Onda is “come to me” while her representative color is pink.

Aisha – Heo Yoorim

Aisha is Everglow’s lead rapper. She, however, also serves as a vocalist. She was born as Heo Yoorim on 21st July 2000 in South Korea. Before joining Yuehua Entertainment, Aisha trained with JYP. She was the last Everglow member Yuehua unveiled prior to the group’s debut.

Standing at 5 feet 8 inches, Aisha is one of the tallest girls in the K-pop industry. Aside from training with Yuehua Entertainment, she studied at the Hanlim Multi Art School and trained in dance at the Night Dance Institute.

Yiren – Wang Yiren

The maknae (youngest member) of Everglow, Yiren was born on 29th December 2000. She serves on the group as a vocalist, rapper, visual and lead dancer. Meanwhile, Yiren is the only Everglow member that is not Korean. Born in Zhejiang, Hangzhou, China, she is Chinese by nationality and specialized in Chinese dance. Her representative color on Everglow is white.

During her appearance on Produce 48, fans voted Yiren the Top 1 Visual Center owing to her pretty looks. She, however, lost out in the 11th episode after finishing at the 28th position.

Info & Trivia About Everglow 

1. Everglow’s fandom name is “Forever”.

2. The band’s debut album Arrival of Everglow reached #6 on Gaon Album Chart on release and sold over 17,000 copies in four months.

3.Arrival of Everglow‘s lead single, “Bob Bon Chocolat” which was co-written by popular American writer and songwriter, Melanie Fontana reached #5 on the World Digital Songs Sales Chart. So far, the single’s MV has received over 25 billion views on YouTube.

4. The group released their second single album, Hush on 19th August 2019 alongside its lead single “Adios”.

5. Everglow received her first music show award on SBS MTV’s The Show on 24th September 2019.

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