If you guys have seen “Love and Marriage Huntsville”, the hit reality program of the OWN channel, then you might have seen the struggles of Martell Holt and his wife Melody Holts regarding their marriage because of Martell Holt’s mistress Arionne Curry.

The show features the relationship of three couples and each of the couples is linked through friendship and business. All three of these couples are involved in the real-estate business of Huntsville, Alabama.

Despite being known as the power couple and both of them being the CEOs of the Custom home building business, Holt custom Homes, these two have been suffered from infidelity in their marriage and their relationship is not on track.

Melody had chosen to stay with him if he promised to stay away from his mistress and avoid infidelity for the sake of their children.

But as Martell didn’t stop seeing his mistress, it seems that after 10 years of marriage the parents of four children are going to be divorced as Melody has filed for the divorce.

So who exactly is this mistress which Martell cannot let go of? Here is everything we know about the mistress of Love and Marriage Huntsville’s star, Martell Holt.

Everything We Know About Martell Holt Mistress Arionne Curry

Martell Holt has been in an extramarital affair with Arionne Curry for more than five years. Since Arionne Curry has come to spotlight only because of her affair with reality star Martell, there is not much information about her in public.

The identity of Arionne Curry was divulged for the first time by the Youtube Vlogger Funky Dineva.

Who is Arionne Curry?

According to Funky Dineva, Arionne is a 27-year-old girl born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, who is a nurse by profession. She went to Alabama A&M University. She had met Martell Holt for the first time through their mutual friends in 2014.

Arionne’s Instagram account

Arionne has been active in an Instagram account with username “_arionne_

View this post on Instagram

Focused on mySELF like…… 💁🏽‍♀️

A post shared by ARI (@_arionne_) on

How did she meet Martell? What is their relationship?

Arionne was invited to a house party of her friend, who was the cousin of Martell Holt. At that part, they had exchanged their numbers and were in contact through the phone for a long time. At one point she even traveled from Huntsville to Ohio just to meet him.

Another Youtube vlogger TashaK has revealed Curry’s side of story through a phone interview with her on her Youtube channel. The video was ironically released on Martell’s birthday.

According to Curry, they never kept their relationship private and had met each other’s family and friends frequently and went out for dates openly.

Martell had also buy Arionne a BMW car and supported her financially from time to time by paying her bills.

When Martell and Melody Holt appeared on Love and Marriage Huntsville, they never revealed the name of Arionne and referred to her as a mistress only. The show created many hate comments and backlashes from viewers against Arionne and she became frustrated that Martell blocked her into saying anything from her side.

Curry also said that she tried to break up with Martell several times before, but it was Martell who came back to her repeatedly and she would fall for him as she loved him too.

She also mentioned that she was also pregnant during the same time when his wife Melody was pregnant with her fourth child, but Curry aborted the baby because she thought the situation was too messy.

At the present situation, Arionne says that she is not in contact with Martell and does not want to do anything with him. Curry wants to move on with her life.

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