Fabio Guerra

Fabio Guerra is a musical artist. He is mainly a singer. 

Quick Facts: Fabio Guerra

Name Fabio Guerra
Gender Male
Nationality Portugese
Profession Musical Artist
Youtube Fabio Guerra
Facebook Fabio Guerra

Fabio is famous for using the Reggaeton genre in his music. We can always find reggaeton on his music and songs. Reggaeton is a type of style in music that was first produced in Puerto Rica. This genre was first originated in the late 1990s.

His most popular song is Lo Que Siento. 

10 Facts On Fabio Guerra 

  1. Fabio Guerra’s age and birthdate are still not available. He may be in his 20’s judging from his pictures present on the internet.
  2. The information on his height and weight is not published on any social media site. Probably he has a tall height.
  3. Info regarding his net worth is unavailable. Assuming his works and his popularity he has some amount of net worth but has not disclosed it.
  4. Talking about his girlfriend there is no information. He has always kept a low profile about his love life and relationship. Maybe he does not want his relationship to be public and wants to keep personal. 
  5. The singer never seems to talk about his parents. Nor has he ever spoken about his family members. 
  6. Now coming to his education we have not yet found any clues about it. He seems to particularly focus only on his music.
  7. He comes from Portugal and is known as Portuguese. In fact, his several songs are in the Portuguese language.
  8. Fabio is popular for his taste of genre which is as unique as his songs. Nonetheless, even in a short time, his songs have gained popularity.
  9. Some of his songs are No Te Voy a Rogar, No Tengo Selo, Sento chi non-mi Va, and Lo Que Siento. His most recent song is A Perrear which is recently released in April 2020.
  10. His YouTube Channel has 55.1k subscribers. 


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