Family Business Acorn TV Cast, Release Date, Plot and Review Explained

The scintillating French drama “Family Business” starring Catherine Marchal and Ophelia Kolb is coming on Acorn TV on 24th August. 

The “Family Business” Acorn TV is a comedy-drama that revolves around the life of a mother-daughter duo who runs an all-female law firm of top lawyers. 

Their firm specializes in family cases mostly victims caught up in darkest family relationships. This movie has a stark juxtapose of comedy and sad emotions and also provides an inspirational message to women. The original title of this French series is “On va s’aimer un peu, beaucoup”.

Here is everything we know about this upcoming series on Acon TV, Family Business including its Cast, Release date, and Plot.

Family Business Acorn TV Cast

The major Cast of the series includes Catherine Marchal and Ophélia Kolb. 

Catherine Marchal is seen as the mother of the mother-daughter lawyer duo, Astrid Lartigues.

Catherine is best known for her roles in movies like ’36’, ‘Diamond 13’, and ‘Gangsters’. She is also popular for her TV roles in ‘Captain Sharif’, ‘Agathe Koltes’, ‘Falco’, ‘Borderline’, ‘Previously’, ‘Elite Squad’, and many more.

Similarly, the role of the daughter Audrey is portrayed by Ophélia Kolb

Ophelia is best known for ‘The Days that made History’, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Adelman’, and ‘One man and his cow’. She has also appeared in television series like ‘Call my Agent’, ‘Prof. T’, ‘Duel Au Soleil’, and many more.

Other cast members of the show are Charlotte Des Georges, Clementine Justine, Lionel Erdogan, Samir Boitard, Johanna Tixier, Joseph Malerba, and many others. 

Family Business Acorn TV Release date

Family Business is set to be released on Acorn TV on August 24, 2020. This dramedy consists of eight episodes, 60 minutes each.

Family Business Acorn TV Plot explained

According to the official synopsis by Acorn TV, Family Business is a story revolving around mother-daughter lawyers juggling the ins and outs of running a family law firm collaboratively while balancing and navigating their own family issues away from the office.

Every case presents a new challenge for mother Astrid Lartigues and daughter Audrey ranging from cases involving bulldog being fought over by its divorcing couples to a fight over shady fertility dealing of a transgender couple.

We all know that family is difficult and work-life is also difficult, but when they combine the family and work together, then comes up for a perfect drama material. This female-led series provides us a unique and heartwarming look at the family issues and social issues that can be faced in a law firm specialized in family cases.

Meanwhile, we get to see the mother-daughter protagonist pair struggling to find the balance between their professional and personal lives. 

Family Business Acorn TV Trailer

Acorn TV has released the official trailer of “Family Business” with English subtitle just a few days ago. If you have not watched it yet, then you can watch it here.

Family Business Acorn TV Review

Family Business was already premiered in French Cable television and it has two seasons altogether. The first season premiered in 2017 and the second one in 2019. However, for worldwide streaming, this series will be released exclusively on Acorn TV this August. 

The IMDb rating of ‘Family Business’ is 7.4. Overall, this French series is widely acclaimed and is anticipated to be worth the watch on Acorn TV.


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