faxuty Real Name Revealed: Who Is faxuty Twitch?

A well-known figure as a content machine and live sreamer, Faxuty is an American personality who has joined FaZe clan as a Fortnite competitive player. His amazing Fortnite game play has amassed huge followers online.

Basicaly, Faxuty became FaZe Faxuty after his fiery personality caught the organization’s eye. Matter of fact, he has excelled in various games. He has started as a Call of Duty player and expanded his areas and genres of games.

Quick Facts: faxuty Real Name Revealed: Who Is faxuty Twitch?

Name faxuty
Birthday November 18
Age 23
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Twitch Star
Instagram @faxuty
Twitter @faxuty

10 Facts About Faxuty

  1. Born on 18th November 1997, Faxuty is 23 years of age as of now. And, his birth sign is Scorpio.
  2. Better known as a live streamer on Twitch, he has a verified Twitch account under the name @faxuty which has 110k followers.
  3. Moreover, Faxuty plays various genres of games. Basically, he streams Grand Theft Auto V and Fortnite on Twitch.
  4. Faxuty hails from Los Angeles and was raised in Sacramento. Therefore, he belongs to an American nationality.
  5. To date, Faxuty has never talked about his girlfriend. Also, he has not posted any hints related to his dating life. Thus, supposedly, he may be single.
  6. As seen on Twitch bio, his real name is Moe, but people also calls him “Fax” or “Faxuty” online.
  7. Presenty, we can see Faxuty being available on Instagram with huge fan followings. In fact, he has more than 40.4k followers on his Instagram.
  8. Besides that, the content machine, Faxuty is also active on Twitter Bio. As of now, he has 39.8k followers and 292 followings.
  9. Like good seed, sleek leaves, Faxuty was into video games from very young age. So, he thriving hard in the world of gaming and loves competing in video games.
  10. Faxuty has a YouTube channel under the name FaZe Faxuty which has more than 29.4k subscribers. He has also shared various Fortnite gaming sessions on his YouTube.


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