Fluffygoosh is a TikTok personality who is famous for her unique videos. Her TikTok videos are completely different than other content creators. And with her own style of content, she has managed to achieve a very good number of following on her account and she has got pretty good views too. Most of the videos on her TikTok are very funny and entertaining.

Fluffygoosh has not revealed her face in any of her videos. She is always seen wearing different types of masks. Moreover, the extras on her videos are also seen wearing the masks. Sometimes she features her family in her TikTok videos and their face are also not revealed. She has maintained a complete mystery of her face until now. Know more about Fluffygoosh from the facts below.

Quick Facts: Fluffygoosh TikTok Age, Height, Face: Who is Fluffy Goose On TikTok?

Name Fluffygoosh
Age 20-25 years
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 5 inches (Approx)
Profession TikTok Personality
Tiktok fluffygoosh

I just want him to love me ##foryoupage ##fyp ##foryou ##furry ##whatlife ##notfair ##furrytrash ##notright ##please ##problems ##help ##help ##help

♬ sonido original – slowmosounds5

10 Facts About Fluffygoosh

  1. Fluffygoosh’s real name is unknown. She might be in her twenties. Well, she has never revealed her face so it’s pretty confusing to guess her age.
  2. The information about her nationality and ethnic background are also unknown.
  3. Information about Fluffygoosh’s is not known.
  4. Looking at Fluffygoosh’s TikTok videos, she seems to have an average height and a well-maintained body.
  5. Fluffygoosh has created many short videos on her TikTok and in all videos, she wears a mask.
  6. Besides TikTok account, any other social media of Fluffygoosh is not available.
  7. We are also unknown about Fluffygoosh’s relationship status. She has never revealed it.
  8. We are also unknown about Fluffygoosh net worth and earning information. She might earn well as a social media personality.
  9. She has mentioned her name to be “Goosh the Dorox” in her TikTok.
  10. Her TikTok @fluffygoosh has the total fan following of about 35.1k followers. And she has the total likes of 243.5k. Her video is very interesting, you’ll definitely enjoy it. 
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