Fold In The Cheese TikTok Trend: Teacher @professordavis2019 Explained

Fold In The Cheese is a  popular meme that was first made famous because of Schitt’s Creek a popular show that aired for about 5 years in the CBC Television channel. The show ended in 2020 but now is going to be on Netflix which is good because that way, the show can just live on and be seen by more and more people.

However, the internet and the dedicated fan base of the show have made sure that the funny references of the show survive even if the show is no longer on air.

This is the trend that we are currently speaking about. Come to think of it, nobody actually knows what it means to fold in the cheese. That is why this is such a funny line and it’s understandable if someone doesn’t find this that funny at all. People are recreating the same video on TikTok and Instagram.

Fold In The Cheese TikTok Trend

People are recreating the moment from the show and lip-syncing to that same audio. There are several lines of dialogue and one has to perfectly nail the emotions to make a great video. Especially for the fans of the show, these kinds of videos are really wonderful because it also awakens a nostalgic feeling.


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♬ Fold in the cheese – wolfeonwallst

This is one of the videos posted by @jessibasinger on TikTok. The fan base of the show is pretty dedicated because there are a total of 2.9 million views on videos that have the hashtag “#foldinthecheese” on TikTok.

Fold In The Cheese Meme Giphy

Giphy is a popular site on the internet that has Gifs about anything. It is a sunny way to spice up the conversation because gifs can sometimes be so much better than just words. If you head out to Giphy and search for “fold in the cheese”, you will see a lot of memes about cheese.


There is the iconic scene from Schitt’s Creek which is also one of the memes. However, there are lots of other memes around cheese and you can use these memes appropriately while texting and communicating with your friends and relatives.

What Is The Meaning Of Fold In The Cheese?

Unfortunately, no one has even the slightest idea of what folding in the cheese means. That is why it is such a great bit on the show. One could definitely fold in the cheese which is like a paper but when the cheese is slimy and gooey, there’s no way you could fold it. it’s like saying “fold in the water”.

The challenge that has been created on TikTok was started by a fan of the show, but we have no idea who was the beginner of this challenge.  The challenge started somewhere on the internet and I can’t point to the origin of the challenge.

However, there are “fold in the cheese” videos on Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter as well. On TikTok, people are mostly making lip sync videos to the original audio of the show’s dialogue. However, on Twitter, people are sen posting pictures of cheese and just using “#schittscreek” and “#foldinthecheese”.

@proffesordavis2019 Explained

@professordavis2019 must be an account on TikTok but it yields no search result on Googe except for just one and you can follow this link to see these videos. There are certain videos with “‘public education” on this link.

@professordavis2019 could be a delated TikTok account that was somehow related to the Fold in the cheese trend on TikTok. You could also think that @professordavis is somehow linked to David Rose – a character from Schitt’s Creek but they are unfortunately not.


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